the reason for all of those warning clauses

OBaby and I were enjoying a nice afternoon last week window shopping on Grand Avenue when I ducked into a baby shop. They carried Iron Maiden onesies and pink organza tutus. Quite the spread.

And there they were, in a basket by the $60 size 4 purple infant cowgirl boots: some assorted wood baby toys.

I’m a sucker for wooden toys.

OBaby is a sucker of baby toys (::snort snort::).

I quickly decided that we would not be leaving the eclectic shop without this beauty, a stretchy circle of colorful wooden beads that can be rearranged (and, more importantly, sucked on).

OBaby was happy in his ring sling on my hip as I paid for the toy and headed for the car to go home and have what I was hoping would be an afternoon nap of epic proportions. Being the awesome, impromptu toy buying mommy that I am, I gave him the balls to suck on in his car seat.

He was content and quiet for the entire ride home, and if you know my son, you are impressed right now.

“That’s one awesome toy,” I thought.

Upon picking him up out of his seat, I realized whence cometh that contented silence. Mommy left the cardboard tag on that awesome toy.

Half of the tag was nowhere to be seen, the other half was soggy and unrecognizable.

Remove all hanging tags and labels before giving to a child,” has never been so poingant. Not that I would ever be so absent minded as to give my child some cardboard to chew on unsupervised, or anything.

And the next day, when that half of the tag that was nowhere to be seen could be seen, ahem, in OBaby’s diaper, I did not consider grabbing the camera and documenting the still legible words “Classic” and “Toy”.

Nope. That’s disgusting. That thought would never cross my mind.


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20 Responses to “the reason for all of those warning clauses”

  1. Stacia

    Still legible?? Wow! =>

    My son gummed a board book to smithereens once at a Barnes & Noble story hour. I was so pleased, sitting next to my quiet, still little boy as he listened to the nice lady read a story about wombats. Then I saw what was really entertaining him and headed straight to the cashier. No way we could nonchalantly slip that one back on the shelf!

  2. Shannon

    lol, that is hilarious. I really like that little teether toy.. super cute! Can you buy that kind of thing online?

  3. Cindy Aguilar

    Great story! That teether toy is very cool! Is this the start of when your kid is being too quiet something is for sure going on :)!?! Oh yes, and I think Obaby likes his carseat just as much as my daughter does. LOL.

  4. Jacquelyn

    Hilarious! My jaw must have touched the keyboard!! I never saw that coming. haha. so funny. You have such a wonderful spirit! I never understood why children like to eat paper. Surely it doesn’t taste good. The toy IS really cute!!

  5. abby

    That’s a cute toy! That is a pretty funny story:) Too bad we didn’t get to see the “punch line” in that picture:)

  6. brittney

    We’re suckers for wooden toys, too! This one is genius. Minus the tag, of course. I mean, who would put a cardboard tag on a baby’s toy? That makes no sense whatsoever. ;)

  7. stef

    That is hilarious. A little carboard has never killed anyone….or has it? Well, what doesn’t kill you will only make you stronger. He survived, and good for him!! I thought you were going to say that one of those balls fell off and he choked on it. Whew!!

  8. MommyJ

    yeah, the still legible just about blew my mind! I’ve discovered quite a few disgusting things in diapers. I won’t go into to details, seeing as how this is the first time I’ve commented here and all, but let’s just say, I get ya. Totally and completely.

    I’m a sucker for wooden toys too… and laughed out loud at the $60 infant cowboy boots… stores like that make me nuts.

  9. Mama23Bears

    i just realized you might have taken a picture of poo!!! lol and it was still able to be read!! sometimes it takes me a few tries to really grasp things and this is my 2nd read here!!

  10. Sara

    Hey Allison…

    I’ve sent you a couple emails – wondering if you’re getting them? I’d love to advertise with your blog – and send you money TODAY. Can you give me a buzz? You’ll find my number on my website, scroll to the bottom. :)



  11. Elaine

    Yeah, there was a little bit of paper napkin in Baby K’s diaper the other day. What? We were a Chick Fil A and I was trying to eat. Oh, and she’s fast. Like stealth with putting things in her mouth these days. So, no worries girl. Happens to us all…


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