these men

…are my entire world.

I am so glad it is Friday.

I hope your weekend is restful.

Take a sabbath. The Lord knows we need one.


20 Responses to “these men”

  1. Ryley

    Isn’t it amazing how two men can completely change your world??
    I adore it. I’ve told my husband a million times that I just a hundred more boys. I adore them so much. I adore being surrounded by my boys.

    Thankful for Friday also.

    And the promise of a new week.

  2. Elizabeth

    I love this picture!!
    by the way, do you ever go to thebump.com? i go there a lot, and a lot of women on there are huge fans of your blog! :)

  3. Eliza

    Yes, I can see why…..what a beautiful world you’ve got there! Have a wonderful love filled weekend!!!

  4. Terri

    Yes…husbands and sons…aren’t they the greatest? Such a cute pic that you captured!

  5. annemarie

    Tee hee, I am taking my sabbath by skipping church this week with my little sicky baby. And I was supposed to be at the front!


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