April 2010 Archives


coffee talk

My emotional and mental strength has already been handed out for the week and I have nothing left to dedicate to blogging. But friends? I always have more for friends, especially if there are frothy drinks involved. So let’s just chat, shall we? I’ll have an iced venti light ice dirty chai, you order up… Read more »


not my picnic

It was a cold and cloudy warm and beautiful day when the idea struck me to have a perfectly classy dinner picnic by a lake with our little family. It turned out to be a near-disaster complete success. I spent the afternoon planning the menu, purchasing the (organic and wholesome) ingredients, then slaving over their… Read more »


another fabulous first

It went like this: We were out and about for the afternoon, enjoying the warm sunny weather by spending time weaving in and out of little shops whose doors were all propped open. It was a fabulous day. I was wearing OBaby in the ring sling (and I only received one uneducated comment about how… Read more »