not my picnic

It was a cold and cloudy warm and beautiful day when the idea struck me to have a perfectly classy dinner picnic by a lake with our little family. It turned out to be a near-disaster complete success.

I spent the afternoon planning the menu, purchasing the (organic and wholesome) ingredients, then slaving over their preparation in the kitchen.

I was incredibly forgetful prepared and didn’t even bring utensils or napkins had everything on hand for any possible circumstance. We dug through the diaper bag, found a baby spoon and ate straight out of the containers used my collection of vintage china plates and heirloom silverware that befit the occasion.

We took pictures as evidence that we stooped so low as to eat straight from cartons with baby utensils enjoyed such fine fare on a fabulous picnic. O and of course there were the baby-wipes fine linen napkins.

You know? Sometimes I even surprise myself with how unplanned and thrown together elegant and sophisticated my events turn out to be.


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30 Responses to “not my picnic”

  1. Cambria Copeland

    And you had baby wipes! I have two kiddos in diapers and I often forget those (have had to clean dirty baby bums with public bathroom toilet paper on more than one occasion – yikes! I just admitted to it!)

  2. tistylee

    how FUN! looks like you guys had a great time… KFC picnics are the BEST! my husband and i used to order pizza and then picnic out under the trees… now we’ll have to continue the tradition with our kids. will have to plan my own picnic again soon!!

  3. kim

    Too funny!! And Yeah! I’m not the only imperfect mommy! Once went to a picinic/concert w/ my 3 and a bunch of friends. I packed sandwiches, cheese, juice boxes. Every single one of my friends had fancy picinic food like homemade organic chicken and pasta salad with homemade pesto, antipasto salad, fried chicken (like from back in the day) served cold and oh so yummy. And my kids, who live on sandwiches b/c they hate everything else? Totally devoured the friends food. Nice! I love your picinic!!

  4. Tiffany

    Hilarious! And um…how cute is that bag? PPB? What style? (sorry for the random thought.) Looks like you still managed to have a great time – that’s all that matters.

  5. emily bilbrey

    cracking up over here! what a great thing to wake up and find! obaby is just so adorable – looks like a fun day, baby utinsels and all!

    ps super cute diaper bag! is it ppb? teammandy & i bought them for each other when we were both preg – still one of my very favorite mom items EVER.



  6. Faith

    HA! That looks like something y’all will be talking about for years to come. Good job making the most of it.

  7. Philip

    LOL, those are always the best. Seriously, I have found that events that go completely wrong but are still enjoyable make for much better memories then those that go completely right. We have had our fair share and would change them even if we could. It looks like you all had a great time!!

  8. Gussy

    haha! so cute :] at first I thought OBaby was holding his plate on his own. Then later I noticed the little seat he was in. Silly Gus.

  9. shelley

    THE best kind of days… Made me smile in memory of every wonderful, impromptu moment of joy we’ve experienced as a family…

  10. Nicole Drysdale-Rickman

    Haha! Love it! and….your purse is fabulous!

    We have the EXACT Bumbo…however my FAT, chunksters 8 month old has to be squeezed in…and the tray won’t click on due to his rolls…lol

    You are one classy mom, baby spoon & coleslaw and all!!

  11. alissa

    yes, at least you remembered the bumbo! that was my first thought when i reached the end of this post. looks like you all had a good time :]

  12. Mae

    Ok I’m crying and it’s so your fault. Bet you didn’t expect tears for this one did you?

    One of my strongest childhood memories is sitting on a blanket, next to Lake Charlevoix with my parents having a KFC picnic. These opportunities didn’t happen often, my Dad owned his own garage and worked a lot of weekends. We weren’t planning on picnicing (picnicking? picniking?!!?) it just sort of happened. I don’t remember what we talked about or what we did before or after. I just remember being there by the lake with my parents, together.

    Keep doing those, who knows which memories OBaby will pull up 30 years from now.

  13. Sarah

    I love that look on OBaby’s face! And just think, you only had one more step to go before you were eating it all with your fingers! :)

  14. rebecca d

    I especially like the look Obaby is giving your husband in the last picture…. “Dude, that’s my spoon!” LOL


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