O My Home Tour

Hi friends. I’d love to have you over to my house for a bit. Won’t you come in?

The Twitter Home Tour was born when a bunch of bloggers were talking on twitter about home decor and thought, hey! How fun would it be to see each other’s houses? This isn’t an invite-only thing, so please feel free to join us! Just add a link to your home tour post (pictures, video, or both!) below.


{UPDATE} I am so excited that many of your are joining in on the Twitter Home Tour party! I’m hoping to click through to all of your lovely homes sometime this weekend. For now though, if you have or are planning on linking up, I’d like to point you to the instructions and rules of linking here. Mostly I want to ask that out of consideration to the other bloggers, you make sure you include the code (found in the above link) in your post. That will add the LinkTool you see below and most importantly allow folks to keep clicking through the Twitter Home Tour posts. Thanks friends!

47 Responses to “O My Home Tour”

  1. Shannon

    Cripes! I can’t listen to the video because I’m laying in bed and my husband is asleep beside me :\ but I watched the video and I LOVE YOUR HOUSE! You have the cutest little house.. I can’t wait to actually listen to it tomorrow!

    Um, so I don’t actually know what you said about OBaby’s nursery (sigh.. YET), but can you do a little tutorial on how you set up your changing table for cloth diapering? Like, once I saw a photo of a CDing changing table, and it had its own little rhythm. Do you put his dirty diapers in a pail with baking soda? Or like what do you do exactly? I’m totally interested in different methods of cloth diapering :)

    anyway, I love your house!! I soo want to do this! … after I clean the house, of course.. ahem. Mine looks a WEEEE bit unrepresentable..

    • AllisonO

      The diaper table tutorial is a GREAT idea! I’ll try to get on that. Thanks!

      • brittney

        I second the idea! We have ours “set up” but don’t have a baby (YET!) to get into a rhythm yet, so it’d be neat to see how yours flows!

        • Emmie Bee

          lol. I’ve been cloth diapering for 15 months & to be honest I just change them on my bed. I would be interested to see what works for others.

  2. Blair

    You are TOO CUTE and perfect :) LOVED your video.

    I think you are far braver to do video – I managed to do pictures but oy! that was my extent.

  3. M. Howell

    just so you know, you are so freaking adorable and we need to hang out again. soon. hope the pasta salad was delish! (ps. i think you should have mentioned the STEAL you got on the chine hutch :))

  4. Debbi

    I love the china cabinet. I wish I had seen this before I ordered mine a few months ago. You’re house is so cute!

  5. Nicole Drysdale-Rickman

    You have SUCH a beautiful home, Allison! I agree with the other ladies….LOVE the china hutch! We just had a bunch of Ikea furniture shipped to us in Colorado- the shipping was the most expensive part so I was so thrilled to find out Ikea is opening up a store in Colorado(AN HOUR AWAY, NOT BAD!!!) in the fall of 2011.

    Wow..long tangent. Sorry bout that. Anyway…love your house! I was eating pasta salad while I watched…

  6. Jenn


    I don’t know why I’m surprise by your voice whenever I hear it on video.

    I wish I hadn’t missed the chance to do this.

    LOVE those leaning bookshelves. Can I copy and ask my husband to make some too?

    (Oh. And I love everything else about your house too. It is too cute!)

  7. Tara @ This Military Mama

    I didn’t know your son’s name was Micah! I love that name! That was an option for us when coming up with little man’s name although we settled on an Irish name instead :)

    Your house is really great! I really like it. Your white kind of cubbie like storage unit you have in OBaby’s room we have in the dark, almost black brown, in our living room downstairs to hold all of Emma’s toys and diapers. We love Ikea! Plus I love your China cabinet and how you just added some fancy paper too it! We don’t have any china really to show off but I love the idea! Might have to borrow it later in life!

    Thanks for welcoming us in to your home! It was a great tour!

  8. Dana

    So, I think this is my first time commenting on your blog, but I’ve been following you for a long time!

    I LOVE your house! It’s so adorable. Thanks so much for giving us a tour! I actually have one question, where did you get the wooden bouncer/rocker in OBaby’s nursery?

    • AllisonO

      The seat came from Babies R Us and is Fischer Price Brentwood Collection, which I’m told has been discontinued. Sad face. We LOVE that chair.

  9. Jess

    Your house is sooo cute!! And seeing that it wasn’t necessarily camera ready made me feel a lot better about my own home. Who knows…maybe even I will do a home tour.

    But I really need to deal with the pile of garbage in my basement and the box elder bug graveyard first :)

    Love your home! Thanks for “having me over”!!

  10. Amy

    How fun is this?! Thanks for sharing your house with us. As I was watching it I thought oh my goodness I could not do that right now. LOL i think there are toys is every corner, crevice, etc in my house right now.

  11. andrea

    Thanks so much for the tour! You have a beautiful and very charming home. I love everything about it (including the baby clutter). I think many of us who are terrified of doing a house tour because of the levels of baby clutter everywhere, and the mess, and the diry dishes, and the chaos, and the fact that we have to CLEAN all this stuff, feel really inspired by your home and your tour.
    …and I love your baby’s name!

  12. Sarah

    I love your home! Its so nice to see more of it then just pictures(but those are great too!). Thanks for sharing! ‘When I grow up” and get married,I want a house just like yours: pretty, fresh and homey. I also want a cute baby! :)

    • AllisonO

      HomeGoods, actually. Around Christmas time. (And NO I don’t mind you asking!)

  13. Tiffany

    I love your adorable home! It’s so comfy cozy and it looks vaguely familiar (as in, the clutter that is also my home.) I am posting my home tour tomorrow (the drama this week swallowed my blog time), hopefully you wil stop by?

  14. Sarah Robbins

    Your house is so cute! Don’t worry about the clutter- that’s what everyone’s houses look like! One of my favorite friends once said- “If I have a choice between playing with my kids and cleaning my house, 10 out of 10- I pick the kids.” When you think of it that way, who can argue?!

    Super great house!

  15. Seth

    Hah! Dan crawling around w/Micah. Love it.

    Also, I like the new living room arrangement since I visited…a year an a half ago?? Holy crap time flies. Bathroom is looking muy bueno.

    Also, also. Love that you were mostly talking in your slightly higher pitched/subconscious telephone/camera voice. Actually on second listen it was in an out b/t normal and telephone. Still, cracks me up.

    We should hang out sometime before another year goes by.

  16. Suzanne

    Ok, you are too adorable for words and your house is gorgeous! I think you and I would get along super well in real life too, especially based on how many things you have in your house that are similar to mine: the square cubbies in the nursery, the hanging thing on the nursery door, husband-built bookcases flanking the tv, tile laid on the diagonal, and almost the same dining room chairs (mine are black). Although DON’T tell me where you got that paper on the back of your china cabinet or I will steal that idea from you immediately.

  17. Jenna

    You and your baby are too cute! LOL. Your house is so my style… that bathroom is to die for! And I love the C&B shelves. I’ll totally trade you houses! :P

  18. Emily

    It was so fun to get a peek in to your real life. Your home is so bright and welcoming and well put-together. I might have to add our little home to the fun!

  19. Shannon

    ok. finally watched the video with sound, and it was fabulous! my favorite part is where you nonchalantly mention that DanO built the bookshelves. Like, hold up! That’s like amazing! Who IS he!?! I’ve never, ever known someone to be so.. crafty! Well, except for the men on Extreme Makeover Home Edition. HA! So cool that you can just redo everything on a whim! I love it!

  20. Ashley Miller

    Your house is beautiful- you have great tast!
    My fiance and I just put a contract on a townhouse… and I have already begun to make a list of things to tear out and re-do :) It seems overwhelming, but I see that you did an amazing job, so I guess I can too!
    Where did you get O-baby’s highchair? do you like it?

    • AllisonO

      Thanks Ashley! His highchair is Graco brand, we registered for it at Babies R Us. We DO love it! I posted about it here. We’ve washed the pad a few times now and it is holding up nicely!

  21. christine

    Just watched your vlog! Very cute home. It’s ok to have things out, we have babies! Glad you felt comfortable enough to let us in regardless.

  22. abby

    Loved your home tour! And I love that you were so real…it made me feel like I was a friend dropping in:)

  23. Tracy

    Your home is beautiful…we are in the process of renovationg and making our home ours! We have been in our place 3 years and it still needs tonnes of work. I love how light and cozy your home is! You have great taste in decor!! I was wondering where did you find your sectional? We are thinking of getting one for our basement family room and yours looks comfy!! take care and God bless!!!

  24. Dana

    I love you house, and your China Cabinet! You said it was from Ikea, but did you do more to it than just the wallpaper? I don’t see anything like it. Maybe its b/c I am in Canada? But seriously spill the beans, what is it??? LOL Maybe I can convince Mr. Hubs I need a new one?


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