the needs of a nine month old

My sweet OBaby,

You turned nine months old yesterday and somewhere along the road in this last month you found your will. You have discovered that you are in control of your body and that’s the way you like it. Every diaper change, car seat strapping orĀ  hand-off to a person other than me has become a shrieking, back-arching battle.

O, baby.

You have given me a run for my money this month. One day a week ago you up and decided that you didn’t want anything to do with solid foods anymore, thankyouverymuch. You would not eat it in a house, you would not eat it with a mouse. You also sure as heck wouldn’t let us put that crazy spoon thing in your mouth. You are coming back around to the idea these last two days, but boy did that one come out of left field.

As of two weeks ago, you also about-faced on the issue of baths. Baths were once a trump card. A cure all. A “Wow, he’s grumpy. Wait, how long until bedtime?! That’s it. Start the bathwater.” So as I sat in the bathroom last night trying to wash you off while you whined adamantly and tried to climb out persistently, I told myself that this is surely a phase.

Don’t get me wrong, OBaby, it’s not that you are an unhappy baby. You are still a very happy and giggly baby, when you’re doing what you want to do. This means crawling where you want to crawl, standing where you want to stand, eating what you want to eat and, most importantly, being held when (and by whom) you want to be held.

That when being always and the who being me.

I was rushing around the house last Thursday morning, getting our things ready so we could go somewhere and you were just crawling after me from room to room, whining. I didn’t have the hands or time to be holding you so then when I finally did pick you up and moved to put you in your car seat so we could go, you would have none.of.that.

I wanted to be irritated. I wanted to tell you that you have to get in your car seat and that’s all there is to it.

But more than that, I wanted to comfort you. I wanted to smell your head and cherish that moment in which you wanted nothing more than me. You needed nothing more than me. I know there is a day fast approaching when I will miss the sound of you following me around the house. A day is coming when I won’t have those quiet moments with you everyday, nursing you and stroking your head.

So amidst the back-arches and the will-expressions, I am trying. I am trying hard to remind myself what a wonderful phase this really is.

And I’m hoping somewhere deep down inside that you will never, ever stop needing me.



8 Responses to “the needs of a nine month old”

  1. Stacia

    O, the emergence of ego! It’s a miracle and a challenge, all in one. Hope you can continue to enjoy the snuggles right along with the spoon fights. =>

  2. Mama23Bears

    that is so sweet. it’s amazing how fast they are growing. just when you think you can hardly handle it any more, one day he will crawl onto your lap and fall asleep. and you will cherish the moment while you plot a way to carry him to his crib with as little movement as possible. ;)

  3. Brea

    Hi Allison-

    I have been following your blog for a while now but haven’t commented yet. I wanted to tell you that I adore the letters you write to OBaby. I recently found out that I am expecting and I couldn’t wait to write my first letter to my baby on my blog. I apologize for stealing the idea!

    I really admire your style of parenting. I don’t even know you personally but I kind of view you as my mentor. I hope that’s not weird!

    Anyway, enough gushing about how much I love your blog! I just wanted to say Thank You for being an open book and sharing your experience with parenting with me and all your followers. I enjoy reading about the good and the bad! Keep the stories coming!


  4. MaryAnn

    Hi Allison!
    I’ stumbled upon your blog about a month ago now, and your family is adorable. I check back a couple of times a week to see what wisdom you have to share. As a happily married, strong-faithed, early-twenties (24 this week- ah! old!) mother myself, I can relate to many of the day to day things you write about. I had to come out of my ‘lurking’ state (sounds so creepy- sorry!) when I read this letter to Obaby. I’ve been writing letters to my son (tucked into his baby book) since he was born- At first monthly, now about every three months- and this letter is so much like my little guys 9-month letter, its scary! He started walking 3 days before he turned 9 months old and that is when he discovered his free will and independence. He went from walking to just about running in under a week and my life has been a whirlwind since! It’s such a fun age, but it is definitely challenging every.single.day! It does get better when they get a little older though! At 9 mos, they have independence but not to understanding to listennnn to what you are saying! “no” and “stop” are like games to them!- they interpret those as “sun faster!” lol. soon enough though, he will understand more and it will be easier! But it looks like you are already recognizing that in no time at all he won’t be doing these things- and though it is difficult sometimes now, you will miss it!
    Anyway, sorry about writing you a novel! Ridiculous!
    Have a good night though OFamily!

  5. MaryAnn

    oh my- sorry about the 1203948324 type-o’s in my post from about 2 minutes ago!
    Holding sleeping baby+typing=bad plan.


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