a big virtual group hug

O, friends.

I have felt so uplifted in the last week. I shared with you here about finally getting help and being diagnosed with Postpartum Depression. I was actually worried posting, fearful there would be a backlash or, I don’t know, I guess I was worried about what people would think (which goes to show I have a long path yet ahead of me on the road called Acceptance).

67 of you (Sixty! Seven!) wrote words in response to that post that blessed me, encouraged me, or shared your heart and story. What an incredibly beautiful thing. Several others of you sent me emails that had me crying, laughing and awkwardly hugging my computer screen. Some of us connected on the phone, and Grace, a high school classmate that I always looked up to, sent me scripture via Facebook.

I love the internet.

I love you.

I really mean that. God has shown me His love through you this week, His glorious, extravagant love, and as I have been filled to overflowing by it, I want to give it back.

So many women have shared their struggles with me in the last week that it has things stirring in my heart. I don’t know what things yet, but they are His things. A dear friend of mine said this in an email to me: “I think evil loves to lure us into one-on-one combat and then make us ashamed that we can’t beat him on our own.” (That statement embodies the first nine months of my postpartum struggle.)

This morning as I read the scripture Grace sent me, I prayed and steeped in it once for myself and once for all of you, because this isn’t one-on-one combat.

Thank you for showing me that.

Thank you.

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  1. kim

    Amen. Remember, we are not alone. PPD and depression are an insidious disease that would have us believe we are alone to do battle with our thoughts and doubts. But we are not. We are strong, solid, confident, intelligent mothers, wives and women who are fighting this and winning every single day. God bless you and your family. Keep strong.

  2. Philip

    Isn’t it amazing how God can use just about anything to show us his Glory. When He says that He will never leave us or forsake us, that also goes for his body, the Church. It is hard to get past the idea that the Church is a building though. I am happy that you are finding healing and know you will continue to feel even better as time goes on. I am also pretty sure that you will find a way to pass that healing on as He leads you.

    As for the group hug thing… Well I think I would feel a little out of place as one of probably only a handful of men that would be involved. I will leave that to the ladies and just say that I am happy for you. ;-)

  3. Alissa

    It is lovely that you are finding peace with Him. Faith gets us through everything.

    ::Hugs back to you!::

  4. Kelly @ Love Well

    Not one-on-one combat. I love that. And it’s so true. Not only do we have your back, Allison, but you have incredible power right within you. I love how The Message puts it (from Ephesians 1): “endless energy, boundless strength.”

    Awkward screen hug right back atcha.

  5. mama23bears

    i’m just thankful that you did share it with all of us. it’s important for women to support each other and even more important to talk openly about ppd so others don’t feel they are alone.

    (((BIG VIRTUAL HUGS TO YOU))) you’re not alone!

  6. Kaycee

    I am not positive that my comment sounded as supportive as I wanted it to be on that post actually. I was not sure if you were talking about PPD or not and tried to make it more general that we have all been there. But we have not all been there with PPD. I maintain what I said about courage though – asking for help is one of the most courageous acts. I am so so glad you did. I think it’s so important to share so we can support each other, but you have to be brave to do that too. Good for you, I am glad you have seen blessings from it already!

  7. Steph

    Psalm 139 is my favorite part of the Bible….such amazing words. I often think of Psalm 139 when I look at my baby. It’s awesome to think God created him to be my son.
    I wanted to tell you that my son is just 2.5 weeks old, but I have already been struggling with the “baby blues”. I hope it does not last, but I take great comfort in knowing there are other people like you who understand what it’s like. I’ll be praying for you.

    On a happier note, I just started using gDiapers this weekend and so far love them!

  8. RYLEY

    I just wrote a nice long pretty comment and it got eaten. :(

    You are brave. So brave. I love the comment about a one-on-one battle. I need to remember that. I’m going to need it one day.

    The more we tell our story and the more we talk, the easier it will be for someone else to get help.
    We can do this for them, and their future children. We can do this and we’re going to be all right. Everything’s going to be alright…. right? :)

  9. abby

    This is when I wish I lived closer so we could go get a coffee and a cupcake (or 2) and hang out and I could give you a big hug! You are an incredible person!

  10. Apryl

    Isn’t it great to have an online support system of nonjudgmental people? I’m so glad you’ve found the help you need.

    I have a friend who struggled for the first year of her son’s life. Her feelings were pretty much dismissed. She finally found the right doctor and she is doing wonderfully.

    Share your feelings. You’ve already seen how many people love you, so don’t be afraid. Looking forward to reading more about how you’re doing.

  11. Grace

    God Bless the internet! And God Bless you and your family :) I’m blessed you liked it!


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