learning to walk

Learning to walk means we fall sometimes.

Learning to be mothers means we fall sometimes, too.

I am so thankful for my Heavenly Father’s strong arms that reach down and pick me up when I face-plant.

They carry, calm, and comfort me when I fall.

They make me feel safe enough to try again.

25 Responses to “learning to walk”

  1. Jenn

    Oh my goodness, this is precious! And what a great reminder (even for non-mothers who fail :))!

  2. Krista @ Not Mommy of the Year

    Oh! Poor little, cute, adorable baby. He will learn to walk without face planting and you…are a a great mother.

    Thinking about you lady! I’m so glad you’re staying postive, strong and faithful through this time.

  3. Tiffany

    Look at him Go!! How cute. Yes, we all face-plant every now and then but there is nothing like being lifted up afterwards….its a learning process, right?

  4. Philip

    He is getting it. He will be running before you know it. Right now my two oldest are running laps around the kitchen. Isn’t mobility GREAT. :-)

  5. mama23bears

    are you kidding me? he is turning into such a BIG boy! who needs those little walk behind toys when you have got DanO’s legs. this is really cute! thanks for sharing!

  6. kim

    That’s the cutest way to learn to walk!! We always walked all bent over, never thought to do it that way!! Loved it!!

  7. Billie

    How precious is that! I can’t wait for my little guy to be tugging on our pantlegs walking around. Obaby is getting SO big!
    Praise Jesus for always having his arms outstreched to help us as we learn to walk and follow his lead!

  8. Sidnie

    Precious video.
    I love how he hides his face in his daddy’s neck at the end. Beautiful.

    And yes, we all fall someitmes. And it hurts and it’s hard, but those comforting arms, and loving voices that help us get back up and try again, are amazing!!

  9. Mae

    I Thought it was the cutest thing ever until the fall and then I Was sad. But then the cuteness was redeemed with the Daddy neck snuggle. Ovaries; twitching yet again. I AM NOT READY ALLISON, CUT IT OUT.

  10. abby

    So true! Obaby’s face was so cute when he was walking. You could just tell how proud of himself he was. I can’t believe how fast he’s growing up!!

  11. Jenn

    SO adorable! Obaby’s face whilst walking was beaming! Sad fall but cute neck snuggles. Great message, I tend to ‘faceplant’ far too often here lately. :)

  12. Ann

    Oh! So sweet…even in the fall, he is so well protected. Such a great image of our Heavenly Father. Thanks for sharing…

  13. Sarah

    That is so cute! I’ve never seen a baby learn to walk like that. Good thing DanO’s tall. :)

    Hope you’re doing well. ♥

  14. The Mom Venture Blog

    Awww, so cute! Wow, they grow up fast don’t they? It always makes me feel like crying when I see my babies, or even other peoples babies fall and get hurt! Once they get a little older it’s not so bad, as long as they don’t have any major injuries, but when they’re real little, it just breaks the heart and all you can do is snuggle, snuggle, snuggle and give lots of kisses.

  15. Mrs. Cline

    By the end of the video, I was crying too. He’s getting so big and so precious. I can’t wait to have my baby girl here.

    And thank you for the reminder.

  16. Sarah

    Did I miss something? Why is this now “O My Growing Family?” And, I really appreciate your honesty.

  17. Michelle

    “…Learning to be mothers means we fall sometimes..” this sentence made me cry, it’s so true. Stay strong, even though at times we feel like a failure as a parent doesn’t mean we are.


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