moving, saying, seeing

To my sweet 10 month old OBaby,

What a fun age you are. What a fun age. I am so glad I feel like myself again and can really enjoy you because there is just so much to enjoy.

Your independence skyrocketed this month and you are now happy to crawl out of the room I am in (and go pull everything off of the shelves in your room). You are absolutely elated at your ease of getting around. If I were able to bend over for that long, you would walk around the house holding my fingers from sun up to sun down. You love to move. Sometimes I’ll hear the pat-pat-pat of your hands on the floor as you’re crawling interspersed with laughter.

Pat-pat-pat squeal. Pat-pat-pat squeal.

What a wonderful sound track you add to our home.

You have also started saying Dada. I don’t think you associate a meaning with it yet (mostly because whenever I say “Mama” to you, you look at me, smile, and say “Dada”) but it still lights up your Daddy’s face. Actually, just you being you lights up your Daddy’s face. He loves to wrestle with you as you climb all over him. The two of you could spend hours being creative with everyday objects in ways I never could. You are such good play buddies and I love to watch you together.

You have an insatiable curiosity and it has been a joy to notice all the little things with you. You show me things I wouldn’t otherwise see (like the little holes in the sidewalk that you like to stick your fingers in). You particularly enjoy emptying the baking dish and tupperware cupboards in the kitchen.

More than the holes in the sidewalk, you have shown me the Unseen, too. I had a rough start to this parenting gig, filled with days of doubt if I was really cut out for it. Turns out our Heavenly Father just wanted to show me that I cannot do this without His power. I am so thankful He did because I don’t ever want to be in a place where I don’t desperately need Him.

I don’t want you to ever be in a place where you don’t desperately need Him, either. May He use whatever means necessary to keep you moving only by His strength, praising only Him with your mouth, and seeing Him in all things.

I love you to the moon and back,


16 Responses to “moving, saying, seeing”

  1. alysha

    he is just such a big boy now! I love it! What a sweetie. I let dawson play with the pots and pans too. :)

  2. Tiffany

    10 Months! Tme really is flying by, Bubbette will be 10 months in a few weeks. I started googling birthday party stuff and almost broke down in tears. LOL

  3. RYLEY

    and it just keeps getting better.
    The independence is so bitter sweet. Its so nice to have them just play by themselves (even if they are creating a HUGE mess) but then you realize they don’t need you to play with them anymore.
    Infact Miles does better when we leave him alone, he hates when we play with him now..
    So bittersweet.. but it gets better from here! :)

  4. kim

    yes, who needs toys when we have tupperware and baking dishes? Add in some wooden spoons and let the music begin!

  5. Alissa

    I’m so happy to have stumbled across your blog! I have a little boy that just turned 10 months old on the 13th. Isn’t it great that every new stage is so much fun it’s hard to miss the last?

  6. Philip @ RAOP

    Here are some words of wisdom. Take lots of pictures and video! I expect you are already doing this. There are some amazingly fun phases as kids grow. You know this since you are experiencing one currently. There are also so amazingly challenging phases. (sorry to have to say that but it is true) It has always been helpful for my wife and I to look back and see some of the fun times while working through the difficult ones.

    We wouldn’t wish them away as we have loved each of our kids at all stages, but the reminder that this is only a phase and will get better is a great help! Personally, the “look I’m mobile” phase is one of the best. They just grow and develop Sooooo Fast. For me, the second is the expanding vocabulary. We are at that stage with our second youngest. Listing to her try and put a complete sentence together is shear joy.

    Glad you are having fun!!

  7. Brandy

    10 months? Wow! Time flies, huh? He is SUCH a cutie! Gosh I can’t get over that LOL

    My oldest used to call me Dada ALL the time too. She’d look at her Daddy, say “dada” … look over at me, say “dada” … and then giggle at me when I told her “Noooo, I’m MOMMA” lol

  8. Lynzie

    Quick question. Are you still having trouble with him in the car? Have you ever tried using a different car seat? I’ve heard parents say that they thought their baby hated the car until they tried a different seat!

    Just a thought I came upon today and I thought of you. Good luck!

  9. emily bilbrey

    yay! happy ten months sweet sweet obaby! love these photos – captures the curiosity of that age perfectly. what a lovely boy is he. love to you both!



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