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O My CBC Week: the wardrobe

I remember when I got the email from the coordinators of The Casual Blogger Conference in February? March? (clearly I don’t remember that well) that asked me to be a part of the Faith in Blogging Panel (FBP in the house!) and while my first thought was: ‘ME?!?!?!?’, my second followed quickly thereafter and was:… Read more »


O My CBC Week: breaking (hair) news

We now interrupt the previously scheduled CBC Week posts for an incredibly important message about my vanity. Enjoy! ~~~~~~ I spent hours upon hours planning my wardrobe for this conference (which will be featured in an upcoming post. Promises.) but I did not plan for this: I paid a lot of money to get highlights… Read more »


O My #CBC10 Week: baby travel advice

I stumbled upon Harmony’s blog, Baby To Go, recently and when I read that her 14 month old baby has flown on 14 different flights, I instantly began devouring the ‘airplane’ category of posts. Because let’s be honest: mama’s a little nervous about this flying with a squirmy about-to-walk 10 month old thing on Thursday…. Read more »


O My Theme Week:
Casual Blogger Conference #CBC10

You know what this week is? Besides the week that my ‘symptom of womenly cyclehood’ came back? This is the week of the Casual Blogger Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah! (I know. After being on vacation for 20 months, Aunt Flo would come back the week I’m speaking in front of hundreds of people…