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a big virtual group hug

O, friends. I have felt so uplifted in the last week. I shared with you here about finally getting help and being diagnosed with Postpartum Depression. I was actually worried posting, fearful there would be a backlash or, I don’t know, I guess I was worried about what people would think (which goes to show… Read more »


learning to walk

Learning to walk means we fall sometimes. Learning to be mothers means we fall sometimes, too. I am so thankful for my Heavenly Father’s strong arms that reach down and pick me up when I face-plant. They carry, calm, and comfort me when I fall. They make me feel safe enough to try again.



It’s the color of the sweater I wore on our third anniversary date last week. It’s the color of the twelve roses he brought me. It’s the color of friendship. (I’m so glad he humored me and let me set an auto-timer to take our picture.) (I’m even more glad he’s my friend.) ~~~~~~ Part… Read more »


the search for my lost self

It was March. I was sitting in dimly light the basement of my father’s house, having just come far too close to a break down for me to put on a brave face and go upstairs to eat dinner just yet. DanO was faithfully by my side, no doubt bewildered by the woman sitting next… Read more »