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in a hospital, naturally

Writing posts like this make my hands sweat. I have an opinion. I am going to voice it. I might not word it soft enough to not offend someone. I might not have all of the information. I might come from an entirely different perspective than you. I am going to voice it anyway. ~~~~~~… Read more »


to my three-years husband

Our marriage is still first and foremost about each other, but I have to tell you what an honor it is to share my heart with you in a new way now: to love you through our son. Our relationship is growing with us and our family. We have worked harder, dug deeper and loved… Read more »


O, hello there.

So? How does it feel? You are now reading O My Family without that awkward feeling that you are falling sideways! (If you’re seeing this in a reader, click through for redesign of the century last 6 months!) You likey? Me too. DanO and I needed something fresh this weekend and this was just the… Read more »