the fuss about Guss

I’m not a product reviewer, y’all know that. I don’t just sing praises of products that are offered to me and in exchange sell my soul content. On the other hand, when I find something that I love I will absolutely blog about it. That is the case with my Gussy.

Maggie Whitely, AKA {GUSSY} taught herself to sew by checking out books from the library, then opened an online shop making and selling some of the most adorable bags and totes I have ever seen. Her business has been so successful, in fact, that this Friday is her last day at her office job before she starts working full time on her Gussy products. How’s that for a success story?!

I love that supporting handmade can do that, you know? That choosing to give our money to a skilled artist can benefit them so much more directly than giving that same money to an Unnamed Super Store with a Red Bulls-Eye Logo. ::gets off soapbox::

But not only is what she makes awesome, Gussy Girl herself is awesome. We’ve started having regular coffee (and cupcakes) dates and she is the real deal.

{What? No, we didn’t both get two cupcakes. Nope. Those other ones were… uhm… for our husbands. Yep.}

Gussy is down-right lovely, and her bags are too. I have had the privilege of carrying around a damask shoulder bag with a yellow ruffle and let’s just say Mama LOVES. I brought my laptop to a coffee shop Saturday in this bag and while I don’t usually associate my emotional state with the state of my accessories, it honestly made me feel sassier.

I mean, could a bag get any more adorable?

O wait.

Yes, yes it could.

Look for an O MY {GUSSY} GIVEAWAY soonly where you can win a Gussy store credit and carry your very own adorable ruffles*.

*Baby not included.


Disclosure: The laptop bag being reviewed here was supplied by Gussy.

31 Responses to “the fuss about Guss”

  1. Ashley

    Awhh I love OBaby in a Bag! Hehe. I am currently trying to talk my husband into buying me a tote. I loveee purses and I def. need one of gussys.

  2. Gussy

    Do you realize O how cruel this is to me that you’ve posted this ADORABLE photo of OBaby in my Gussy bag WHILE I’M AT WORK AND I CAN’T YELL OUT A GOOD “yeow”?!


    So adorable I can hardly take it!!!!!!

    LOVE! :]

  3. Tiffany

    O my goodness – is the O family doing a giveaway for Gus? This has to be a dream? If you could go ahead and make it so that I win – I would sign that paperwork agreeing to wed Bubbette with OBaby in say 24-ish years or so. Okai?ThxBai.

  4. Lindsey

    1) Now I really want a baby and a Gussy to keep it in!

    2) Oh, and a cupcake and an iced latte ;)

    3) This post is just full of happy!

  5. Shannon

    Ok my friends & I were just discussing.. how come EVERYONE lives up in Minnesota?!? All the cool people live up in the Frozen Tundra. Except me. And my friends. Just sayin :[ How stinky. But anyhow, her stuff IS way cute!!! I do love the ruffles!!! I can’t wait for the giveaway! woohoo!!!!

  6. Hubbs

    This is Gussy’s husband. I just want to say that, while *most* of that was true… I received no such cupcake.

    Gussy and I are so freakin’ excited about this weekend. Thanks for sharing our excitement :D

  7. Melissa

    Oh my goodness, how cute is your child!?! Too much! Love Gussy too :)

  8. Philip

    Humm… we have the baby (we can compare cuteness later) so I guess all I need it the bag. I am sure my wife would adore something like this…. Off I go to check them out. Thanks!

  9. Erin

    Steph bought me a little Gussy pouch for Christmas, and I love it! It goes everywhere with me.
    Also, cupcakes. YUM.

  10. Jen

    SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!!! You go out for coffee and CUPCAKES with GUSSY!!! I am SO green with envy.

    I recently found her website and I’ve been absolutely DROOLING over the very bag that you have!!

    (Ok Jen, lay off the caps lock and exclamation point.)

  11. mama23bears

    i LOVE gussy! she is so awesome! real deal! obaby can take cuteness to a whole new level when mama get sher camera out!! LOVE IT!!


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