It’s the color of the sweater I wore on our third anniversary date last week.

It’s the color of the twelve roses he brought me.

It’s the color of friendship.

(I’m so glad he humored me and let me set an auto-timer to take our picture.)

(I’m even more glad he’s my friend.)


Part of You Capture hosted by the beautiful mama, Beth of Folding Laundry.

38 Responses to “yellow”

  1. M. Howell

    you two are so adorable i can’t stand it. yellow is also the color of wax beans. (but i’ll only trade em to you if you give me a blue bean)

  2. Philip

    You too really do make a beautiful couple! Glad to see you two got out and here’s to hoping / praying that things will start turning around for you. Dates are such an amazing thing!! Just wait until you have three! They are worth more then gold.

  3. Vanessa

    You do yellow VERY well. I am wearing a yellow shirt today and although hubs says he likes it on me, I think I look washed out and tired. (Okay, so I AM tired…but the shirt makes me look even MORE tired.)
    Yay for anniversaries! And yay for yellow!

  4. Megan

    I love your earrings with your sweater… You make me want to throw a garden party just so I can invite you to sip chai tea in that outfit. The roses are starting to bloom in Portland which might add to the garden party urges. I found out my dad was on anti-depressants through a lot of his young adulthood (including when I was born and through the time he stayed at home with me until I was 4) and it has always made me wonder if I will be pre-disposed to depression when I go through body chemistry changes. However, I didn’t know this until I was 20 because my memories of my childhood include my dad playing pretty pretty princess complete with wearing the jewelry game pieces, teaching me to swim at the YMCA, and reading silly poetry to me at bedtime. Through your example I’m glad to have it reaffirmed that regardless of not being able to know what my body will do as I put it through life it is very possible to be an excellent wife and mother (not to mention a damn good domestic goddess) as you demonstrate with such grace and candor.

  5. emily bilbrey

    precious! love this. my third wedding anniversary with david is coming up in july – isn’t it insane how fast the time goes?

    happy 3 years to you beautiful kids! so glad to hear you’re still friends! (-:


  6. Katherine

    love this. have to admit though, when i was reading ‘is the color…’, i wanted to say ‘of your energy..whoaa’

    cuz im a nerd.


  7. Jessi

    This is a fantastic picture! Especially for an auto-timer :) Love the yellow of your sweater too. Happy Anniversary!

  8. Laura

    Congratulations you two!! I remember being there three years ago (well more than three now!) and you guys are still as beautiful as ever!

  9. MIL

    I am so thankful God brought the two of you together. You are so cute together. Love you so much.

  10. shelley

    Yellow rocks. I have a yellow scarf that I defiantly wear with everything in my closet, whether it match or not.


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