a boy and his dog

If this is any indicator of the things to come between these two, it’s gunna be good.

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  1. Erika

    Great video! I love seeing kids enjoying their pets hehe! and I recently put of video of Kirsten playing with our dog!

  2. brittney

    AW! Eee, I look forward to our boy interacting with Lily! He already stares are her like, “Whaaat in the world is THAT?!” Ha. Nice to see they DO grow out of that!

  3. Moriah

    Adorable! I hope my little boy gets to have this kind of relationship with a dog someday. Unfortunately, the only pet hubby ever had was a turtle, so it’s going to be pretty hard to convince him into a dog anytime soon…

  4. Jessica K

    There really is something to this thing about boys and their dogs. That was so sweet – just pure joy coming from him. Pearl is a good size too -well until your son grows. Thanks for sharing – put a large smile on my face.

  5. Michelle

    Boys do love their dogs! My oldest son absolutely ADORES Liberty (our lab/boxer mix), he’s constantly playing, chasing, calling for her (I think he said “Lib” before “ma-ma”) tormenting, feeding and lovin’ on her…THANK GOODNESS she has a gentle and kind heart and puts up with him even when he gets a little too rough. I’ve begun to take notice that my eight month old (really he’s eight months already, when did that happen?!?!?) has started to take a liking to Liberty as well; he’ll Army crawl to her (pretty sure she was the one that motivated him to crawl), curl up against her and has a fondness of her IAMs weight control dog food and water.

    We joke she’s the October, male offspring producing, fertility dog, her birthday is October 24th, my oldest son was born October 2nd and my youngest October 20th and we adopted her from a family that had two boys.


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