Bird E Studios winner!

I’m sorry. It’s 2:00. I know I said I would post the winner this morning, but can I give you my excuse? Good.

DanO was went to go work on OBrother (his younger brother)’s house this morning, and after I nursed OBaby he took him over to Grandma’s house to play with her for the morning.

In other words, the house was empty besides me from 7:30-12:30. And do you really think I would blog with precious time like that?

No ma’am. I went back to sleep until 10:30. I took a really long shower. I shaved my legs.

You heard me. I shaved my legs. In a quiet house. After waking up at 10:30.

Now that I have had a ridiculously awesome morning, my boys came back and we all snuggled. I missed them.

But I also got to shave my legs. So.

MOVING ON… you want to hear about the giveaway winner, not my body hair.

The person whose puppy is getting a snazzy new handmade collar from Bird E Studios is:

(PS: Tell me you are so impressed with my mad photoshop skillz. This site would be craptastic without DanO as my graphic design department.)

Congratulations Mrs. Cline of Once Upon a Cline! I’ll email you shortly.

Are you not Mrs. Cline? No worries! Erika the artist behind Bird E Studios has extended this generous offer to O My Family readers: 20% off all orders when you use the discount code OMYFAMILY! That makes her already affordable dog collars like, even MORE affordable. Plus, there’s more than just dog accessories in her shop for those of you who are pooch-less.

Did you know Erika of Bird E Studios also has a blog?

This Simple Life of Love

And twitter?


Have a great weekend!

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