Now that the grandparents have been officially informed, I can share with all of you:

OBaby took his first steps yesterday!

He walked from DanO about three steps toward me.

O. My. Heart.

Also? Here’s a sneak peek at the family pictures we took yesterday.

Have a blessed Sunday!

24 Responses to “O My BIG NEWS”

  1. Mendie

    Yeah! that is great news! My cousins little one took hers yesterday too…these little ones are growing up soo fast!

  2. Tiffany

    I thought you were going to say you are pregnant after the grandparent comment. I was holding my breath. So cute, Bubbette should be walking soon too! Thi first year goes the fastest, unfortunately.

  3. Amanda


    Love your pic on mckmamas site… you have one of those contagious smiles that just brings joy to the world!

    Be blessed-

  4. Erin

    Go OBaby! Those first steps are SO much fun… just wait until he starts pushing himself up on wobbly legs and going further and further.

  5. Elizabeth

    yay, Micah!
    Joshua took a few steps last week… his record was 6 at once. But this weekend he decided he no longer wants to take steps. :( Hopefully Micah does not decide the same!

  6. Danielle

    I love reading your blog and looking at the super cute pics of OBaby! We were at MckMama’s photoshoot yesterday too (my son is 4th one down in the purple flowers) and when I was looking at the pics I was like “OBaby and his family! I know them.” Husband: “How do you know them?” Me: “I read her blog!” Husband: Groans…”So you don’t really know them!”. He just doesn’t get the whole blog thing!

  7. Katie

    Go O Baby!!! Great job! I love the first steps! So wobbly and trusting that you will just catch them! Ahhhh! And that family pic? So dang cute!

  8. Mindy

    I thought you were going to say the same thing as many others already said. ;)
    Congrats O Baby!!! What a big boy!

  9. Kim

    And here I thought you were going to tell us O Baby was going to be an O Brother! Heehee!! That is awesome. Good job little man!

  10. Elaine

    Yep, things are definitely about to change for sure! In a good way of course… ;D

    p.s. love what you wore for the photoshoot. :)

  11. Shannon

    Yay for Baby O. My GG took her first steps just about a month ago and life forever changed! Love the picture, too!

  12. Sarah

    O boy!! Just in time for him birthday!!! {I may or may not–leaning heavily towards ‘may’– have thought you were going to say you’re pregnant. :)}


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