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busy baby in a bookstore

Last week I had the fabulous opportunity of introducing a bloggy friend, Alyssa of Adventures of the SAHM, to my favorite children’s book store ever (PS: yes, this bookstore was the scene of that first). She and her precious 5 month old Nathaniel joined OBaby and I for lunch and then we ventured over to… Read more »


OBaby’s first vlog (O, and a giveaway)

It’s rainy and yucky out. OBaby and I are inside and bored, so we decided to vlog. I need to apologize in advance for the poor framing throughout… pretty much right below where you can see, I’m working to keep OBaby from knocking off the computer the entire time (which would explain the ending) so… Read more »


the greatness of it all

I don’t believe that any person, ever, can be prepared for the high calling that is parenthood. I don’t believe any president has ever been fully prepared for what he would experience in office. I don’t believe any soldier has been prepared for what s/he would face in combat. I don’t believe any classroom teacher… Read more »