remember how we have a dog? (another giveaway!)

{update: the giveaway is now closed and the winner will be announced tomorrow/saturday morning!}

O, poor Pearl. (That’s our dog’s name, by the way.) You wouldn’t really know that we had a dog based on this blog these last 11 months, what with the exorbitant number of adorable baby pictures and all, but she’s been here*. She’s a 3 year old, 5.5lb Maltese-Poodle mix. We got her a couple of months after getting married.

*Ok, most of the time she’s been here. When we’ve had company or when mama needs a break (which has happened on, O, a handful of occasions) she gets sent packing to O My In-Laws house to be loved on and given far more attention each day than I manage to give her in a month.

Poor Pearl. She’s been upstaged since the morning I saw two little pink lines. I try to care, I really do, but most days she’s just one more thing on my to do list. Is there food in her bowl? Has she been let outside to do her business? Are OBaby’s toys picked up before we leave so she doesn’t chew them to bits? Have I cleaned up the spot where she peed on my new Pottery Barn rug?!?

Let’s be honest, if she weren’t painfully cute and an excellent vaccuum service for those pesky under the high-chair messes, she’d have been given to another family long ago. (I wish it weren’t true, but it is.)

I know, I KNOW. Our ‘first born’ (only she’s not really and I kind of hate it when she’s referred to as such) now plays a backseat role in our lives. It’s sad. She is nothing but loyal to us and no less than elated when we come home, and yet we hardly have time for her. In retaliation, she pees places like on my expensive rugs. Which makes me… O, there are no words to describe what it makes me (that would be appropriate to publish here). It’s a vicious cycle.

Well, just this once – and honestly I think it has only been this once since OBaby was born – we’re doing something special for the O My Family dog:

Pearl is getting a brand new handmade collar and leash from Bird.E.Studios. I know, it doesn’t *quite* make up for the lack of affection and attention she’s received these last 11 months, but for right now it will have to do. Plus it will be by far the cutest accessory Pearl has ever owned.

{So what do you say, Pearl? Truce on the whole urine on my wool rugs thing? Burry the hatchet, old pal? M’kay?}

Even more exciting than Pearl’s new duds is this: Please give a big warm O My Family welcome to my two new sponsors! Erika of Bird.E.Studios and Erin of The Vintage Pearl. We are absolutely thrilled to have both of them because not only do their shops contain lovely handmade items, they are both lovely people!

To celebrate their sponsorship of O My Family and in a little shout out to the poor, neglected O My Family Dog, we’re having another O My Giveaway! I know, RIGHT?! What’s it been, AllisonO, like 3 awesometacular giveaways back-to-back?

(Yes, in fact, it has. Thanks for counting.)

This time you can enter to win any handmade dog collar of your choice from Bird.E.Studios by leaving a comment (any comment) on this post!

O My Overachievers: Tweet about this giveaway, then return and leave one additional comment containing your twitter username. Here’s the twiveaway tweet (you like that? twiveaway? I made that up just now. Don’t act like you’re not impressed.):

Love your puppy O so much? Enter to win a handmade collar by @simplerika on @OMyFamily’s giveaway! http://bit.ly/bdFQBw

Disclosure: Erika of Bird.E.Studios has provided the spoils of this giveaway today, as well as Pearl’s concessionary collar set. While both Bird.E.Studios and The Vintage Pearl are now paid sponsors of space on this blog, their money buys them ad space, not my opinions. Those are priceless.

This giveaway closes at 10:00pm CST Friday. The winner will be announced Saturday morning. Good luck!

88 Responses to “remember how we have a dog? (another giveaway!)”

  1. Kelly @ Love Well

    So I read the title — remember how we have a dog *another* giveaway — and thought you were having a blog drawing to find a new home for Pearl.


  2. Camiece

    We could use a new collar around here, too! Both of our pups have gotten a lack of attention since our son was born – I love that they’re so loyal, still!

  3. Cassie C

    Oh goodness, goodness, goodness!

    SAM [Secret Agent Man] would love a new collar! Well mostly his mama would like to see him with a new collar and these are absolutely beautiful!

    But truth be told, SAM knowns when he gets new things…it all started our first Christmas together when I came home from shopping for gifts and was given a free stuffed Old Navy dog, he dug his little black snout in the bag, took the dog out, and went and snuggled it. I had no intention of giving it to him but he liked it so and it became his. From that day on he always digs [quite annoyingly actually] his not so little black snout in all my bags when I get home looking for his special new treat! And that is the story of my dog liking new things! Happy day AllisonO! =)

  4. Casey

    Our beagle mix has an 8 week old little sister and unfortunately is going through Pearl’s situation! This would cheer her up and she could match the baby!

  5. Rachael

    Oh for adorable! My sweet pup would loovvveee to have a new cute necklace. Its hard to find such cute necklaces for pooches.

  6. Amanda

    A little off topic, but I wanted to ask how your rug is holding up in general . . I’m thinking about buying this exact one.

    Don’t enter me in the giveaway, though – I don’t have a dog!

  7. Becky

    My hubby and I just got a new puppy who would really rock that collar!

    P.S. I dare you to post a picture of Obaby AND Opearl (is that what you call her?) together. It would be O SO CUTE!

  8. Jordee

    Those collars are absolutely adorable! My dog, Jack Daniel Sparrow, would love some new duds as well! I am also sorry about your rug, at least it isn’t a number 2!

  9. The Mom Venture Blog

    Ooooh, those are so cute! I definitely want one! Our wonderful, also neglected since we had kids, Retriever/Husky mix would absolutely Love one-well, really, I don’t that, but I think he’d look great in one! Though, now that 2 of our kids our old enough to play with him, I take comfort in the fact that they give him attention when they’re outside playing! Poor guy! But he is the best dog for kids! We’ve had him since he was 6 weeks old and he kind of was our “first-born”, though I don’t see dogs as “people” but he is special and, like you, I just wouldn’t be able to give him away, even though he doesn’t get as much attention as he probably should!

  10. Tay

    I would love to know if they have harnesses. I have a little dog too, who would love one!

  11. eunice

    my poor tyson..he’s been at my sisters place for the last 6 weeks, since our baby girl was born! we’re bringing him home this week and a collar would be perfect for him!!!

  12. Tabatha

    My precious pooch Bam-bam would love to rock one of those adorable dog collars! They are so cute!

  13. Lisa

    We just brought our puppy Brooklyn home on Friday! He was not treated very well at all before we got him, so sad. We’ve been taking him to the vet and getting his all cleaned up and good as new. I think a new collar is just the treat he needs!!
    *Also we just had him fixed yesterday and I think he’s mad at us, so maybe this would help me win back his favor! LOL


  14. megan

    We need a new one for our Bailey. Her’s is too big and I worry she is going to wiggle out of it. We just put our 14 year old dog down yesterday and if I won it would cheer me up :(

  15. Emily Teeter

    Our puppy is getting too big for his collar and he would love a new one from Bird.E.Studios!

  16. Sarah Calli

    I have a new (big) puppy at home who was rescued from the floods in Nashville. His name is Banjo and he’s an 11 month old lab/pitbull mix. He would love to have a fancy new collar to call his own and as attached to him as I am after 6 weeks, I’m worried i might smother my child one day when I have one.

  17. Erin

    My little Sam-O would look so good in one of these collars!

  18. Shannon

    Our Westie, Piper, would sure look adorable in one of these :) She’s just like Pearl. Except… not so curly :)

  19. Samantha

    I would love to win this for my sister! She just adopted a dog from a shelter and she is SO excited to have rescued her! :-)

  20. Andrea

    Just like someone who already posted above, I also thought you were giving away the dog. I was a teensy bit disappointed when I kept reading! Pearl looks so cute.

    Anyways, my parents’ dog is in desperate need of some new neck-wear. *Crosses fingers…and paws*

    • AllisonO

      Agreed! I don’t have to take the time to get my computer out, etc. Which means that each task I already was doing is taking less time! Now I just have to make sure that I don’t start increasing the number of those tasks just because they all fit in the palm of my hand, you know?

  21. Brittany

    These dog collars are adorable! The same thing happened to our poor dogs with the birth of our child. I think they’d send her back if they could!

  22. Liberty

    Here’s hoping for Pearl’s sister Mona!!! :)

    Miss you guys and pearl! She’s is looking cuter than ever

  23. Nish

    Even after the birth of our first child, our two 50 lb. dogs still sleep in our bed. *sigh* I think they will always be our first “kids”

    These collars are SO CUTE! Even if I dont win, thanks for the cute shop shout out. I love the collars!