the people for whom we’ll hike around the entire state of Utah in our flip-flops

We came. We saw. We conquered in flip-flops.

On Monday, Memorial Day, DanO, OBaby and I met with our soul mate family for breakfast in the fresh air and what we were told would be a leisurely hike. There were little ones coming with us, after all.

Before I explain to you that neither DanO nor I brought so much as a notion of a tennis shoe or hiking appropriate foot wear with us in our luggage, I should tell you that it wouldn’t have mattered if all we brought were space suits. We would have worn our space suits and done whatever else was necessary to get to spend time with these lovely people.

{The adorable Ryley. A long time friend that I just “met”.}

OBaby was clearly up for whatever as well and displayed his typical easy-going and ridiculously happy demeanor almost the entire time (the exception being those 5 minutes between when he realized he was tired and when he was a sleep).

{O My Heart! I love these men!}

After eating a delicious breakfast buffet which included something called ‘mountain man breakfast’, cooked over coals in a dutch oven (translation: YUM), we strapped on the kiddo and prepared to stroll along some trails. Utah is such a gorgeous state, you guys. The mountains that surround Salt Lake City are Hollywood-backdrop perfect and really very close by, speaking as someone who had to drive an 1.5 hours to get to the mountain where she grew up.

DanO and I kept saying “we could get used to this”.

Once on the trails our fearless leaders took a short cut or five, and suddenly we’re on a gradually increasing slope that I would definitely describe as perilous. I kept asking DanO (who was wearing my sleeping infant son at this point, if you’ll remember) if it was time to stop and head safely back down, except he said up was less treacherous than down.


We paused to debate the next course of action when about 10 feet above DanO on the mountain a woman went by, pushing a jogging stroller. A trail! It was right above us at this point, but the mountain side was such a mess of steep gravel creek beds and pine trees that we couldn’t see it. Knowing my destination, I took off my sandals for the rest of the climb portion because they were more hindering than helpful.

(This is the part where I resist the urge to brag about how I went mountain climbing in Utah, barefoot.)

{I really hope you can tell how steep that is. We. went. up. that.}

{The views were totally worth the peril.}

{Our soul-mate family, the Eatons}

{O My Family}

{10 points for babywearing Dads.}

The rest of the hike was picturesque and uneventful. But even if it hadn’t been, we would do it again. Barefoot. In space suits. We love these people.

25 Responses to “the people for whom we’ll hike around the entire state of Utah in our flip-flops”

  1. Shannon

    oh for heaven’s sake, that 3rd pic (of the 3 of you) is SOOOO CUTE. OBaby’s face is like *edible* I would have probably died if I had to hike up a hill like that. And the weird thing is: Even though OBaby looks just like DanO, he also looks just like you. How cute :)

  2. Julie

    Gorgeous pictures! If you don’t mind me asking, what kind of carrier does DanO have on? We are looking for a “manly” one. :)

  3. Philip @ RAOP

    Looks like a lot of fun! I am glad no one was hurt. I grew up on the side of the Blue Ridge mountains. I mess them now and then here in Iowa. Some day I may get the chance to move back. Anyway, isn’t God’s handy-work amazing!!

  4. abby

    Looks beautiful! And go dads for the babywearing! Can’t wait to see my hubby wearing our little one!! :)

  5. Heather of the EO

    Um. OK. These pictures?

    I’m in love.

    Please don’t worry that I’m going to steal your family. I mean, somehow I didn’t steal OBaby at CBC…so you’re probably safe…but


    I especially love the pic of Daddy and baby (the crooked one) Seriously. You need to frame that.
    Not to be bossy…

  6. Ryley

    O My… We love you too SO MUCH!
    And these pictures.. A.M.A.Z.I.N.G
    That picture of OBaby and DanO is so cute..
    And you totally can’t see how steep that mountain was but it was bad.
    And I had no idea you took your shoes off at one point.. you are an animal! A mountain climbing animal.
    sorry about the misleading of our “easy” hike..

    p.s. I also LOVE that you can’t tell our husbands are standing on the side of the road! :) Safe babywearing FTW!

    Gosh.. I just want to look at this post a million times a day.. it makes me SO happy!!!

  7. Tiffany

    I love this!!! Looks like you had an amazing time. And I second the comment of framing those adorable Oboys!

  8. Amanda

    Looks like you had a great time! Can you mention again where you got your baby carrier? Also, is it good for newborns as well? I am on a mission for a good carrier once baby # 2 arrives because I have hated everything I have tried.

  9. Cameron

    I’m so happy for all of you that you have a soul mate family in each other! My husband and I had a soul mate couple, too, so I totally understand. :) Unfortunately ours lives in Colorado now and just had a baby so we are out of sync but hopefully we can reconnect and have great times. :) Great photos!

  10. MommyJ

    I love baby wearing dads! Hiking in flipflops makes you tough as all get out. And seriously, Amanda… that family of yours is so adorable!

  11. alissa

    ok i have a question – do the boys really like facing inward in the carriers like that? especially the older boy? my almost 9 month old is always on the go so if i can get her to happily stay in a carrier she always wants to face outward so she can see whats going on. is it just her?

    • Ryley

      I’ll answer since mine is the older one! :) Miles is almost 18 months old. He HATES to cuddle. He doesn’t hug and doesnt really like to be held.
      And to be frankly honest, he doesn’t love the carriers.
      This carrier was kind of my last ditch effort to try to make him like it. It’s a mei tei hip carrier by Ellaroo. I think because he is facing a little more sideways he does okay. He tollerates it, but he doesnt love it. So no, it’s not just you! Even thought he looks happy and content in these pictures it’s only because we gave him a rock to suck on! (seriously..)

  12. Amber

    The UT mountains are something to behold. I live next to them and still am amazed whenever I walk outside!! It was lovely meeting you at CBC. : )

  13. Amy

    I Love the babywearing dads. I could never get my husband to put on the sling, but he often sported the backpack.

  14. Sarah Calli

    Hey Allison! This is Sarah from Atlanta, one of your long lost floor mates from college. I’ve been reading and really enjoying your blog. Even though are lives are in such different places at the moment, I hope to use my writing talent and be as great of a mom as you are! And…Utah is one place we have in common! That looks like Mill Creek trail…is it? I’m moving back to Salt Lake city indefinitely in July so the next time you come to visit we’ll have to grab coffee or something and I would love to meet little O’Baby or at least lend you some hiking shoes ;). Take care and so glad to see your family doing well!

    • Ryley

      Yep Sarah, it was actually the pipe line trail in Millcreek canyon! You sure know your mountains!
      And don’t you worry.. she’s coming back again!!!!! :)
      (Even if I have to make her… Utah needs her..)

  15. Jennifer

    What a lovely family… Your baby is so cute and a sure photogenic. It is nice to hear about your hiking adventure with your soul mate family. I like the idea about soul mate thing I hope to find ours too.


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