yet another use for cheerios

I made the unfortunate mistake of leaving the last few cheerios in the bag, left open while we were out of town for a week. They turned all kinds of stale. Thankfully, we have someone around who knows just what to do with an almost empty bag of stale multi-grain cheerios.

{wait, am i really allowed to do this, dad? you sure?}

{so. much. fun.}

{so. much. mess.}

{welcome, toddlerhood.}


part of the you capture challenge hosted by the lovely beth of i should be folding laundry.

31 Responses to “yet another use for cheerios”

    • DanO

      To be honest, we only ever swept them into a pile and by the next day, all of them were gone. It’s a great deal we have going with Pearl.

  1. Haley

    I was so anxious about my Anna leaving babyhood and entering toddlerhood, but truly, it is SO FUN! I’m so glad you’re experiencing the same.

  2. Stillmary

    What a fabulous series from down low! I love the Cheerios flying through the air and the toddler is just too adorable for words. Nice, beautiful job!

  3. abby

    I love how Pearl was watching over his shoulder. I’m pretty sure she was just as excited about Obaby making a mess as he was! :)

  4. mindy

    These are just the most adorable shots, what a STORY they tell! I really love the perspective and the puppy. the baby? oh yeah, totally edible too! lol. Great stuff for this week’s theme! Stopping over from You Capture!


  5. melissa

    CUTE pictures! I live overseas, and there are no cheerios here. :( My husband was Stateside last month and brought back two packages of cheerios for our baby. No way we’d be letting those precious o’s be poured out like that! :)


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