O My Birthday Bash: Life Verse Design

It’s OBaby’s first birthday, but you are the ones getting the presents! How great is that?

Shhh… don’t tell anyone, but this is one of my favorite giveaways of this whole week. Julie of Life Verse Designs emailed me a while back about her artwork and, O, did she mention? She was the designer of my absolute favorite book OBaby owns, The Jesus Storybook Bible (I KNOW!). I like the book she designed and we also have the same alma mater so we are pretty much twin sisters. I’m telling you if I ever get the chance to meet her in person I am going to hug her like it’s my job.

O, and she makes the most beautiful art. See?

(Sorry for the hugenormous image. It was just too beautiful to shrink so I left it in all it’s 800×800 glory.)

(Also, does it look familiar? You may have noticed her lovely banner over here —->)

Julie takes beautiful pictures, imprints them with beautiful words (often scripture), and uses her beautiful creativity to make stunning and powerful art. Really, really amazing stuff.

You can follow Julie of Life Verse’s blog here.

I am thrilled to announce that O My Family is giving away a framed 5×7 piece of art from Live Verse Design in celebration of OBaby’s first birthday! (Which meaningful and beautiful piece of art is up to you!)

Leaving a comment on this post is all you have to do to enter! Of course, for those over achievers, you can gain one extra entry by tweeting this:

O how I love Life Verse Design! Check out their giveaway in #OMyBirthdayBash by @OMyFamily here: http://bit.ly/a3Qn6b

Just tweet it and come back here to leave ONE ADDITIONAL comment on this post letting me know that you tweeted and what your twitter name is.

Even if you don’t win this giveaway, OBaby and Live Verse Design have generously provided the following promotion code which will get you a free small gift with any purchase made from their shop: enter “O My Family” in the Etsy notes to seller.

Isn’t that nice of them?

This giveaway closes at 10:00pm CST Friday July 16th (which also happens to be my baby’s first birthday). The winner will be announced on Saturday.

Good luck!


Disclosure: Life Verse Design has provided the spoils of this giveaway today. While Life Verse Design is a paid sponsor of this blog and has covered the monetary costs of this giveaway, money cannot buy my opinions. Those are priceless.


This giveaway is part of the O My First Birthday Bash celebration. You can see all of the wonderful giveaways in celebration of OBaby’s birthday here.

O, and don’t forget to come back tomorrow and throughout the day today for more O My First Birthday Bash giveaways. There’s O so much more celebrating yet to come!


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