O My Birthday Bash: Written Art

It’s OBaby’s first birthday, but you are the ones getting the presents! How great is that?

My connection with Written Art just might be my favorite story from blogville of late.

(Does the name sound familiar? You may have noticed her lovely banner over here —->)

See, Ann of Written Art was on my friend Gussy’s blog one day when there was a post about the inappropriate number of cupcakes  Gussy and I had eaten together and Ann thought to herself, ‘Sheesh that other girl’s face looks awfully familiar. Like I’ve met her or something?’

Ann did a little blogvestigation and turns out we went to college together. True story. Also true? Ann of Written Art is an incredible Christ follower with a beautiful, sincere, and precious heart for Him. I remember a chapel talk she gave as a student chaplain to the women on campus about our beauty in God’s eyes. The fact that I remember a chapel speech should tell you something about just how inspiring she is.

(Not that I didn’t love chapel. Or anything. ::waves hi to other Wheaton alums who may be reading this::)

These days Ann is still creating beautiful and inspiring things, but now they are on canvas instead of on the chapel stage. Isn’t her art lovely?

You can follow Ann’s wonderful blog here and her tweets here. (No, seriously, go read her beautiful reflections on life in her blog.)

I am thrilled to announce that O My Family is giving away a $30 shop credit to Written Art in celebration of OBaby’s first birthday!

Leaving a comment on this post is all you have to do to enter! Of course, for those over achievers, you can gain one extra entry by tweeting this:

O how I love Written Art! Check out @AnnSwindell’s giveaway in #OMyBirthdayBash by @OMyFamily here: http://bit.ly/d5QtfC

Just tweet it and come back here to leave ONE ADDITIONAL comment on this post letting me know that you tweeted and what your twitter name is.

Even if you don’t win this giveaway, OBaby and Written Art have generously provided the following discount code which will give you 15% off of any Written Art orders: Summer15

Isn’t that nice of them?

This giveaway closes at 10:00pm CST Friday July 16th (which also happens to be my baby’s first birthday). The winner will be announced on Saturday.

Good luck!


Disclosure: Written Art has provided the spoils of this giveaway today, as well as the refresh canvas seen above that she so kindly sent me (which now sits happily on a shelf in my bedroom). While Written Art is paying the monetary costs of this giveaway, money cannot buy my opinions. Those are priceless.


This giveaway is part of the O My First Birthday Bash celebration. You can see all of the wonderful giveaways in celebration of OBaby’s birthday here.

O, and don’t forget to come back tomorrow for more O My First Birthday Bash giveaways. There’s O so much more celebrating yet to come!


141 Responses to “O My Birthday Bash: Written Art”

  1. Lauren Pinto

    I would love a written art for my newly decorated nursery!

  2. Melissa

    Ann is such a beautiful beautiful person! I admired her as she gracefully welcomed us in during Orientation week and heard more of her heart as she spoke. And what a wonderful artist! This is great!

  3. Sara

    Her work is beautiful! And what a cool story about meeting for the second time! :)

  4. Amanda

    Thanks for sharing how you met, her artwork is adorable!

  5. sarah-anne

    cool! except no one says cool anymore. what do they say? and what do they say when they see something so totally awesome that they have to say cool? well, i don’t know.

  6. Brittany

    since i’m decorating our master bedroom, some beautiful new artwork would be fitting!

  7. Emily

    My son is moving into his big boy room – This could be absolutely perfect!!