O My Organization: being straight with you

Hi. I didn’t post yesterday. I wanted to. Instead I pulled weeds in the back yard and got fantastically large piles of stuff ready for a garage sale this weekend. Those were the things I needed to do to keep our house organized and, well, I also had to do it to keep our house off of the city’s violation list because whilst completely overhauling the landscaping in the front of the house (see: new cement walkway, ripping out old over-grown shrubs, re-shaping the beds and planting all new shrubs and flowers) we let the backyard go to the extent that a neighbor called the city on us. Good times.

Anyway. While I wasn’t speaking with city inspectors and frantically calling in family reinforcements to help us level the back yard’s weeds, I was watching my baby walk. All the time. Everywhere. We went to the library with friends and enjoyed ourselves. That was what we needed to do yesterday, not blog. Perhaps I should have been more organized with my time other evenings, but it is what it is. Today I hope to bring you two more posts about organizing, one about cloth diapering and one to inspire.

But for now, here’s my kid walking. This was taken Monday and I’m telling you he’s already worlds steadier than this. It happened! so! fast!

PS: I totally remembered to turn the video the right way this time! I learn fast, too!

17 Responses to “O My Organization: being straight with you”

  1. Brittany

    Oh my gosh, the waving! So precious. It’s so cute how they fall on their butts 100 times a day but just want to walk SO MUCH that they keep trying!

  2. Ryley

    That rug still makes my heart melt…

    uhhh.I mean.. OBaby.. Obaby makes me heart melt! :)

    (but really the rug.. & Obaby!)

    It does happen so fast doesn’t it? I hope you’re enjoying it. I LOVED when Miles started walking..

  3. jackie

    O man… My baby is 10 months old, and I am so excited to see him start walking! This video made me smile :) Thank you

  4. Sarah

    Precious! This video makes me so excited to soon watch my now 7 month old begin to walk! Although I am so enjoying where we are right now, a pause button would be nice!

  5. Cara @ Mischief and Laughs

    Oh, it’s so true… they go from one or two wobbly steps to running full force like, in the span of 3 seconds! It’s amazing. My oldest went from zero walking to walking across the room (15 steps or more) in an hour. He’s a crowd-pleaser. There was much clapping involved. He just kept trying, hungry for the attention! :)

  6. mama23bears

    now i feel better! i was trying to put together a blog post to link up here Friday about how i was organizing the toys around here. i put together a toy storage unit, hated it, took it apart and my living room still looks the same.

    i feel SO much better now!

  7. Lynzie

    He’s trying so hard!!!!! And he’s just so pleased with himself, you can see it.

    I understand the yard situation. Our mower broke and in the extra 2-3 days it took to fix, we had a violation warning on our door. Rather odd, because the house next to us is empty and falling apart, and they never have violation warnings. I’m tempted to complain, but honestly, what would it accomplish?

    Can’t wait for the cloth diaper post! We plan on using them when our loved one arrives in Feb, but my whole family thinks we’re insane!

  8. Alyssa

    Can I just say… it sounds like we have the same neighbors!! Last fall, instead of raking their leaves, they raked all the leaves up onto our land right along the property line. Just so the hubs and I (who happened to be massively pregnant at the time) could rake and bag them. Not exactly the kind of people you hope to have in your neighborhood.

    Also, WAY TO GO OBABY! So freakin’ cute!!

  9. Erika

    Oh my word, so adorable to watch his wittle wobbly legs learn to walk! You’re going to be one tired (but happy) mama keeping up with him!!

  10. Rinny

    cutest jumpsuit ever!

    mmm this reminds me of big big weeds in my backyard. Ill have to leave it to the hubby I’m sure you cant pull weeds while pregnant?!?!?


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