O My Organization: cloth diaper table work flow

This morning, between digging up hostas from one part of our yard and transplanting them to the front, running to the dollar store for garage sale signs and stickers, and sorting through a painful amount of before Mommy-body clothing to sell, I recorded this video run down of how we do our changing table with cloth diapers.

(PS: A little secret, if you see my hair in the loose side braid, I either haven’t showered in a while or I just showered and didn’t have time to blow dry. I’ll let you guess which one is the case here.)

*Misspeak: I mean to say that there are no disposable wipe fibers in the wash, not diaper fibers.

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  1. Sarah Robbins

    That was really helpful! We are going to use cloth diapers when Baby Robbins makes his grand appearance this winter, so it was good to see how people plan things out. We are using the GroBaby which are super similar to gdiapers, so I can use a lot of your ideas!

  2. Melissa

    thanks so much for giving us a little peek into your day to day.. I love it! its nice to see how others have their diapers set up just to get ideas and different takes on it. We pretty much have a similar set up! I might have to try the rockin green though!

  3. Shannon

    hehe! you’re so cute :) thanks for remembering my question!! I just ordered my pack of FuzziBunz yesterday, so that’s the brand we’re going with! but I have 1 brand new gDiaper that I found at a consignment store, and I have a ton of disposable inserts to go with it, so I guess I’ll use those up too! :) thank you!!!!!!!!!

  4. brittney

    Yay! I love seeing how other people do their cloth diaper system! I am confused about the wipes, though! So…are they not disposable? We use cloth wipes ourselves, and we do a similar thing by not tossing them into the dryer after the wash, and we put them back into the wipe warmer. Anyway! I thought you said you used disposable Huggies wipes but that you washed them? Maybe I just misunderstood! Oh, also, what is the other item you don’t dry other than the wipes?

    • AllisonO

      We do use disposable huggies wipes! We just wash them with everything else and then I them into the garbage between wash and dryer (when I’m taking out the non-tumble dry liners). Does that make sense?

      • brittney

        Yes, makes sense! Thanks for clarifying! Oh, and I had completely forgotten about the liner part. Ha, duh me! I guess it’s so natural for me to not dry them that I thought it was something else you weren’t drying. Ha! Thanks!

  5. Amara

    Ok, so I don’t have kiddos yet – but just wanted to say that I love your dress!! Where is it from?

  6. Moriah

    This was really helpful! I need to find a smaller trash can with a top like the one you have for your wipes! that would help save more space on our table! hand sanitizer is a great idea, too. i hate having to run to the bathroom every single time i change his diaper. thanks so much for this! now, i am going to make my husband watch it. haha

  7. Suz B

    Thank you for that! No children yet for us, but I hope to CD when that happens. I know I will be referring back to this post again then! :)

  8. Samantha @ Mama Notes

    I didn’t realize you could put disposable wipes in the washing machine! That would sure save us a lot of time. I think I did that once accidentally and I remember it sticking to all of the velcro on our BG… hmm I bet if I took it out of the washing machine first before I put it in the dryer this might help? I’m going to experiment with this again, thanks! :)

  9. Johanna

    1. That dress is adorable. Source?

    2. For a non-mom, I am so intrigued by cloth diapers. Weird, but true. I will definitely CD if we ever have a LO. I’m confused though. There are 3 piece? I heard you say you only wash the cover if it gets dirty, so when you change him are you throwing the insert AND the liner into the bag with every change? (As in, does he get a new liner and insert every change?) I know CDs aren’t really complicated, but they seem complicated!

  10. Lynzie

    I like Johanna’s question. Also- what did you do when you first had him? As in AT the hospital and immediately after? Also, can you buy the Gdiapers online? Is there anywhere that sells them at a good price? We’re in Ohio. I like the Gdiapers the best I think, but I don’t know about where to get them or how many to get.

    Love your organization. I’ll have to figure out how to adapt it to us, though. We honestly don’t want to buy a changing table… We’ll see about that later, though.

    • AllisonO

      Because they get awfully dirty and rather than having a large smell-proof trash can for dirty wipes, putting them in the wet bag makes it easier. The small trashcan we probably use once a day or so, but mostly it’s easier to have one means of disposal for everything. Then, as I’m pulling the diapers out of the wash, I pull out the wipes and throw them away in the laundry room (and they are clean at this point so they don’t stink up any trashcan I throw them in).

      Does that help explain it? I guess I never realized, but it is pretty confusing! :)

  11. Jess

    This was really useful! We’re waiting for our baby boy to grow into his gdipes (he’s so skinny!).

  12. Lindsey@ClassicIvory

    I loved this…and we are organized very similarly!
    One question though. Since Parker is still eating only mommy milk and therefore still has newborn poops, I haven’t yet had to deal with not-so-newborn poops. Once Micah started eating solids and um, starting getting rid of solids, do you still throw everything into the wet bag? I am not sure how we are going to handle that. Rinsing them off in the toilet seems like a pain, since our changing table and all of the supplies are in her room, but I didn’t think you could just put everything in the wash…

  13. april

    we use gdiapers too! i love them, their prints and patterns are so cute. my husband has a minor melt down if there are no diapers…… and by that he means, no pre-stuffed diapers because APPARENTLY it’s way too much work to shove a gCloth in the gPant…. hm.

    i won the wipes war after telling him it would save us about $400 over two years. i love my cloth wipes from http://www.cottonwoodbaby.com!! they are organic hemp/cotton and are just wonderful and soft.

    i was so going to comment about rockin’ green pail deodorizer until you said you had it! i just ordered mine and can’t wait to get it :) rockin’ green review and giveaway coming soon to my blog!

  14. bee

    I’m curious about the wetbag, does it contain the smell pretty well? Where did you get yours? I’d like to try cloth diapering, but I’m really wary about the smell. Also, did you find a good deal somewhere on your cloth inserts? I’m not aware of any baby diaper bargain websites that have deals on gdiapers yet…
    I’m also interested to hear how you handle the solid poops as well (jumping in on lindsey’s question).


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