on the road again


We’re off to join 24 other members of the extended O My Family at the cabin for the long weekend. Can you tell how excited OBaby is?

7 Responses to “on the road again”

  1. alysha

    he is obviously very excited! And i find it quite hilarious that i have a picture JUST like this with dawson sleeping in the back seat in the SAME carseat, wearing the SAME shirt with the SAME paci.. only difference is that my husband doesnt have curly hair! haha

  2. O'sMama

    hi allison. sounds like you had a good trip! awesome

    just want to tell you (hope you get this) that my phone isn’t working. i am still planning on seeing you tomorrow, though. do you want to come over here? you can send me a facebook message or email!



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