a harrowing tale of theft and babywearing

If you’ll please excuse me, I am in a bit of a state of mourning. I have lost a good friend.


{OBaby’s first trip to the zoo}

A friend who had been there for me, supported me and my son through multiple trips to more than 4 states, including 6 flights has suddenly left us.


{Boutique shopping in Portland, Oregon}


{Temple Square in Salt Lake City with bloggy friends Heather, Ryley, Kristen, Jessica, and Melissa}


{Bookstore playdate with mommy friends}


{Independence day fair in a small Northern Minnesotan town}


{Hiking in the Utah mountains}


{Hiking in Northern Minnesota}

My mei tai carrier. It was stolen out of my car overnight last week. To be fair, also swiped was about $150 worth of assorted gift cards which I had taken out of my wallet before flying to New York (you know, so that they wouldn’t get stolen…).

But you guys. My baby carrier.

It’s gone.

So many firsts, so many trips, so many beautiful places and beautiful memories were made with that carrier. And more importantly than that?

It was the only way I could go shopping with a squirmy toddler. It was pretty much my connection to the outside world because I never, ever, eh.vu.rrr. left home with out it. Until the day that I went out to my car to find the glove box contents dumped on the passenger seat and my carrier missing.

Can I just ask the obvious question right now?

WHO steals a baby carrier?

I mean honestly? Who does that? Gift cards, fine. You’re greedy. They’re easy. Whatever, I get it. But a baby carrier??

Perhaps in the dark of night they thought it was a backpack? Or a (really strange looking) purse? Or maybe they have a piece of asphalt where their heart should be? Who knows. I’m baffled and try as I might I can’t make it make sense in my head.

In the days since, I think I have moved past guilt (because maybe someone left the car unlocked the night this happened, but I don’t really want to talk about it…) and into bargaining. Specifically bargaining because holy attached parenting, Batman, I’m flying to Oregon this weekend with OBaby by. my. self. No extra arms to carry stuff. No 2 on 1 parenting. No DanO. The thought of all that plus no mei tai?


Thankfully, things had started to work themselves out before this even happened. You heard me. Before the carrier was even stolen (by someone who I would like to give a swift kick to the shins) things were put in motion that would give this story a happy ending.

You see, this love affair with my baby carrier, it didn’t just start when it was missing. No, I was well aware of its awesomeness from the get-go and I wanted the world to know about it. I also wanted the lovely woman who made the carrier to know about it. My mei tai is the only reason I still wear OBaby (who laughs in the face of ring slings these days, that little Houdini) and I am so, so grateful for it’s wonderful design. Because of that, I opened an email back in June to the owner of the shop that made my carrier. I gushed, I thanked, I praised, if for no other reason than that Tiffany, the owner, should know that what she made has had a very direct impact on my family. Tiffany and I emailed back and forth a bit about blogging, baby wearing and faith.

And then this. My carrier was stolen and I desperately needed it (or one just like it) back before taking my first cross-country solo flight this week. When I called Tiffany, she completely understood the hole in my heart (and the feeling of being naked) that my stolen carrier had left, and goodness gracious me what a wonderful business to work with. Guess what. The replacement carrier is already in the mail as we speak and I am so incredibly relieved.

How cool is that?

Because of how much I love my carrier, how harrowing this tale was and how happy an ending Tiffany gave it, I could not be more elated to introduce the makers of my beloved mei tai baby carrier, Baby So Smart as a brand new sponsor of O My Family!

In the interest of full disclosure: Baby So Smart had no idea I was going to write this post. It wasn’t paid for or sponsored in any way. It’s just the true story of my week, my baby carrier, and my friend Tiffany. Their sponsorship of this blog in no way influenced my opinions as expressed in this post.

30 Responses to “a harrowing tale of theft and babywearing”

  1. Brittany

    Who steals a baby carrier? Probably the same type of person who steals my husband’s crappy oldies mix tapes and a can of Fix-a-Flat. I mean, really.

  2. Lynzie

    To be honest you shouldn’t feel guilty about not locking your car. It probably just means that they were able to get in and out without having to smash a window.

    Congrats on a new carrier on the way, and I’m so sorry for your loss- I know how you feel. Sometimes something can actually be super super important and nearly irreplaceable.

  3. Shannon

    I really, really want a Mei Tai as well. I love the design and its “ease-ability” (is that a word?) I have a Moby, and there’s a time and a place for that.. but I just know I would LOVE a Mei Tai!! So glad you’re getting a replacement :) And I’m surprised this thief even knew WHAT the Mei Tai even was. It’s probably sitting in their house right now, all bunched up, because they have no idea what it is.. that’s the sad part. They probably think it’s some sort of fanny pack or something! :)

  4. KG

    Who steals a baby carrier? Now really! I had a friend who had their diaper bag stolen. And I’m not talking cute little chick diaper bag that could be mistaken as a purse, but full on baby diaper bag with nothing but diapers, wipes, and a bottle in it. The things people feel necessary to steal is just rediculous.

    BTW, baby carriers are awesome. I don’t have a Mei Tai, but I have a Moby. Love it!

  5. McKt

    Hate that this happened, but so happy to know you have a baby carrier angel who is making your dream of leaving the house a reality.

    I’m with you on the mei tai, being the go to item for this age. It is my 14 month old’s favorite as well. He will drag it all over the house to bring it to me and then sit down patiently while I tie it on. For occasional quick trips I still do the hotsling on the hip, but not if it is going to be longer than 10 min.

    I often leave mine in the car, but I’m rethinking that, now.

    • AllisonO

      I wouldn’t be too worried about it. I think you need a special breed of stupid car thief to steal a carrier. PS they didn’t even touch the $130 Maclaren umbrella stroller in the back, or the $200 carseat for that matter. Dumb dumb dumb.

  6. Samantha

    Wow. Really, who does that? Is there a black market for carriers I don’t know about?

    We use a mei tei and a ring sling. I keep the ring sling in the car at all times. I don’t know what I would do if either were stolen. I’m glad things are working out though. Traveling with a toddler without a carrier would be a special form of torture.

  7. mama23bears

    i can’t believe someone would do that! they must have just thought it was something else. i have no idea what, but since it’s clear they have no brains i guess it didnt matter to them. i’m so glad you were able to get a replacement before your trip! have fun mama!!

    • mama23bears

      i forgot to ask, how does that carrier fasten? do you criss cross in the front and tie it kind of like a moby? or are there buckles? thanks!!

      • AllisonO

        On mine the straps all tie, although Baby So Smart sells an upgrade option of buckles!

  8. Unplanned Cooking

    I can’t believe somebody stole your baby carrier. Was going to say you could borrow ours but happy to hear you got a replacement. Was also nice to meet you at BlogLove!

  9. Christi

    I completely understand why you are baffle. Our car got stolen about 5 years ago and they stole our car seat, baby clothes it was the strangest thing. So hopefully a baby out there is now safe in a car seat some clothes and maybe in your baby carrier. Also I love all your cute hair clippies. Where do you find them?

  10. Kaycee

    Hooray for Baby So Smart!!!! I can’t believe someone stole your baby carrier (and what a week for it to happen!!) but I am so glad you will have a new one in time for your trip!

  11. Elaine

    I’m so glad they are sending you a replacement and I’m so SORRY that your original one was stolen. That’s just WRONG. (yes, just call me Ms. Obvious!) Thank goodness you will still have one for your trip! Phew!

  12. Lindsey

    Thieves are dumbos, that’s why they are stealing in the first place. A friend of ours had her house broken into; they took her laptop and breast pump cord. Awesome. I can only hope to see this pumping thief myself to get a good laugh.

  13. ruth

    I am in shock over two things. One about stealing anything baby related. And two-I went to high school with one of your “mommy friends”! Small world! :)

    I’m so glad you are getting a new one. I have become so attached to mine that I started hyperventilating just thinking about it!

    • AllisonO

      That is too funny! If it’s M (the one in the mei tai) she is my nearest and dearest friend these days. Our boys are mere weeks apart and we love learning about this parenting gig together. If it’s S, I am so sad she lives so far away and I cannot wait until their time in the service is up so I can see her sweet face more. For now we are email and snail mail pen pals. And hey – if you went to school with S, you went to school with my husband…?

      • ruth

        It is the M! It’s so crazy that you guys know each other! She graduated a year before me, but I had a few classes with her. She was one of my favs. She’s a keeper! :)

  14. Kristen

    confession #1: I totally know how you feel about your mei tai. I love mine.
    confession #2: As I started reading, I thought about sending you mine, since Karis is several months older
    confession #3: Then I started thinking, no, I cannot part with mine. I just cannot.
    confession #4: When I read you got a new one, I was so happy! Because I didn’t have to send you mine. I mean, I guess it’s cool for you, too.


    POST PICTURES of the new one!

  15. Jen

    I’m flying solo with a baby for the first time this weekend too! That’s why I stole your baby carrier … errr … I mean I’m sure the one I already have will work great. ;) I’m glad you got a replacement.

  16. Katie

    The person who stole your baby carrier was probably the same person who broke into my co-workers truck and stole his wife’s breast pump! Seriously, who does that? Glad you are able to get a new one :)


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