i promise we put pants on him some days

But this day it was hot.

Also, he was mischievous.

And bored.

So? I let him find out what happens when you play with a hose.

(It solved a multitude of problems.)



IMG_4066.jpg IMG_4081.jpg IMG_4082.jpg

21 Responses to “i promise we put pants on him some days”

  1. Alissa

    My son rarely has pants on as well, I get it! :-) Every time my cousin walks in the door she says to Trevor, “Where are your pants?!”

  2. DanO

    OBoy, he is getting so old so fast. Next thing I know, he’ll be holding an air nailer instead of that hose. (Without pointing it at himself, of course!)

  3. CJ

    Oh those are so cute! Love that second one! And pants are so over rated – especially when your younger and can get away with that!!

  4. Michelle

    Pants, who needs pants? My two year old has greeted visitors at the door completely nude while potty training and recently announced in public that he had to pee and pulled down his pants and well…pee’d.

    • The Mom Venture Blog

      Hehehe, my first ran around nude while potty training too (only at home,lol) because he HATED peeing on himself. I tried that with our second, but he just didn’t care and would pee on the floor and just look at it in wonder….. We’ll see how our third does when it’s time :)

  5. darcie

    water solves a LOT of our problems around here – be it outside or a tubby – it seems to calm everyone, including me!! down!

  6. Sidnie

    I find myself grabbing clothes out of the boys’ closets to dress them, and then saying, “Ok, do that again. Mommy needs to take a picture!”
    But most of the time, my boys don’t wear clothes. Cade always gets his shirt dirty, or spills his drink on it. And Austin just sheds his clothes as he pleases….

    I love OBaby playing in the water! He looks like he’s having a blast!!

  7. Samantha @ Mama Notes

    haha, don’t worry, Lucas doesn’t wear pants often around here and I’m pretty sure all my pictures of him on my blog are of him in the same clothes or no pants on, ha! :) He is too cute, great pictures!

  8. Tiffany

    Um, if you keep posting these adorable pictures, I can’t promise I won’t bring a suitcase full of Money with me in October and try to bribe you. Just sayin’.

  9. Yama

    Oh gosh he is ADORABLE!! My girls RARELY ever had pants on during the late spring and summer … unless we were going out. Heck, my 23 month old rarely ever has a shirt on this summer … unless we’re going out. So don’t feel so bad ;-)

  10. Vanessa

    Pants…they’re definitely overrated. Hey…one day it’s not going to be socially acceptable for him to wear pants. Might as well go pants-less while it’s still considered “cute”. :) (And cute he is.)

  11. The Mom Venture Blog

    LOL, hey, don’t apologize. My 3 boys are always running around in their underwear when they’re at home! I figure, unless someone is coming over, or we’re going somewhere, who needs clothes? ;) And most of the time Baby just goes around in his diaper in the house and outside. Makes for a little less laundry! :)

    Just wait till he points that hose at you! LOL Such a cutie as always!

  12. Kristen

    Hey, at least you’ve got the bottom of the onesie snapped. That’s a step above my usual game when we’re at home. I’m lucky to get the thing over Karis’s head. Snapped? Never.

  13. Cassie

    So you know how you can submit baby pics when your kids graduate high school for the yearbook (at least they did that at our school…) The 3rd one in this series would be perfect for that! Such a cute little baby you have there!


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