no but really they’re my friends.

“What are you headed to in New York?” my hair dresser/cousin/neighbor/flight attendant asks.

…I really need to come up with some generic answer to this…

“A blogging conference.” I say, and then brace myself for the reaction. It usually consists of being looked at like I have 5 heads, not too dissimilar to the time I walked into the NYC pizza joint and tried to order 3 whole pies. Apparently New Yorkers don’t do that. Ever.

The responses vary from “O, I didn’t know there was such a thing. What do you guys talk about?” to “A what? Frog conference?” and in the ensuing minutes I try to give an explanation of the blogosphere community that is shorter than our elevator ride. I cannot do it justice.

It is next to impossible to communicate to a woman at the library story time just what an art and a creative outlet blogging is for many of us. That there are techniques, creativity, inspiration and even Federal Trade Commission regulations involved. I can tell she is a bit baffled that there’s enough to say about blogging that it would justify 2,400 women converging on a hotel in NYC and sitting through multiple 2 hour sessions on honing our craft.

I went ahead and handed him my business card anyway, despite the skepticism dripping from his beard. He’s right. It’s strange. Thousands of women and mommies typing out summaries of their quotidian activities does not sound like something companies or the rest of the world should pay attention to. I know. I get that. Thing is? They are paying attention. Why? Because they get it, too.

I cannot adequately express to my hairdresser that the women I am going to meet face to face for the first time are already dear precious friends of mine. That they know more about me than some members of my family. That I would offer them my spare organs if they had a need. How these are the women who helped me through my postpartum struggle. How many of their cell phone numbers are on my speed dial. How many times I’ve cried when reading about their struggles and their joy.

How much God has blessed me through them and their friendship.

And after spending a surreal 3 days living face to face with the community I usually only interact with over the interwebs, I am no better off. If anything, my answer to the questions of those on the outside are even more convoluted.

There’s just so much more going on here than words can do justice.

{Amanda, Suzanne, Blair, Kacia and me}

26 Responses to “no but really they’re my friends.”

  1. Erin

    I regularly find myself quoting someone I read online. “My friend so-and-so said . . .” “oh, where did you meet her?” “well, I haven’t actually met her, I just read her blog and now we’re friends.” [insert crazy look here]

    I’ve gotten used to it. :) It’s impossible to explain.

  2. Kacia @ Coconut Robot

    I need to stop reading your posts while i’m at work….because i start tearing up. Yes. I’m SO SO SO thankful for you + our friendship!! And I Can’t wait for it to continue + grow!!!!

    Phil 1:3 – or as I like to say: Flip 1.3

  3. Maggie, dammit

    Thank goodness you had the stones to ask for those three pizzas, too. You sprouted wings and a halo for me in that moment, I hope you know.

    You are such a lovely person, so quietly generous. Thank you for glowing this weekend.

  4. suzanne @ pretty*swell

    Oh, I absolutely love this photo! Wish we were there right now, eating more cupcakes. :)

    What a thrill to (finally) meet you in person. You are just so lovely!

    Hope we cross paths again soon!!


  5. Cameron

    This is a regular conversation in my life:

    In conversation I mention, “Oh, my friend {fill in name here} had that happen…”
    “Your friend {so and so}? How do you know her?”
    “Ummmm. From Twitter.”
    [insert skeptical look here.]

    Sometimes I try to justify it and sometimes I don’t.

    But now you have photographic proof that they’re your friends, so next year when people ask you can just say, Oh, I’m going to San Diego to meet up with some friends! ;)

  6. mama23bears

    it has been interesting reading everyones different takes on BlogHer. some loved it, some didn’t know yet, and some decided never to go again. i am so happy you were able to meet all those lovely ladies in real life and that you enjoyed your experience. i can’t wait to see more pics!

    btw, why does no one order a whole pizza? is it really only by the slice?

  7. Samantha

    Most people just don’t understand the connections you can make online, and I find it hard to explain. I never know how to talk about my internet friends. “This girl I know… well whose blog I read… well, it’s more than that… cause we talk too… anyway…”. My husband just doesn’t get it.

  8. Amanda

    For the love of all things amazing, I LOVE YOU GUYS!

    “I didn’t much near EVER think” I’d love my blogging friends as much as I do now ;)

  9. becca

    i love this happy photo. and can’t even begin to imagine the range of emotions you had meeting these wonderful ladies, and then having to part ways again so soon!

  10. Yama

    Finding awesome connections online is something I’ve never really had a problem understanding. I mean, my husband and I did initially meet online and didn’t meet face-to-face until a couple weeks before we were married. Our family, though? Totally don’t get it.

    New Yorkers don’t ever order whole pizzas?! Don’t they know the bliss of leftover pizza the next morning?? Or is that just my family LOL

  11. metta1313

    I wish my husband would get it. Luckily he doesn’t know about your blog to find this comment here. But seriously, he doesn’t get why I’m planning on going next year. Hopefully I will get to meet you there too!

  12. Elaine

    Yeah, it’s a little difficult to explain to those who aren’t “in it”. But I still do it anyway. Maybe someday they’ll get it… ;)

    LOVELY photo of you girls!!

  13. Katie

    This picture of all of you is GREAT! Oh how I wish I could meet you all too! It’s so weird to tell people about my friends who are online. They think I am some sort of cyber nerd with no real life friends. They just don’t get the community…the support…the love! I am so happy when i read things like this! Maybe I wasn’t there, but you all WERE! Proving that what we all have here? Is so real!

  14. Nish

    So, so happy that you had such a wonderful time. Prayed for you while you were away. Hope it was good for your heart & soul to be with good people.

  15. Katie @ The Kouture Mommy

    O My gosh, I just fell in love with you! I just stumbled upon your blog by jealousy reading Blair’s wonderful NY story. Hopefully I’ll be there next year…and until then I’ll be reading daily. :)

  16. Kristen

    Yes . . . there is really no way to explain it, is there? I am SO glad I got a little chunk of time with you at the conference, FRIEND. :)


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