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quinoa-stuffed peppers. i die.

This is dinner tonight at O My House. We are having two young missionaries over for dinner and I thought I would make something that they probably don’t make for themselves (read: so pasta was out). It is absolutely delicious, and I mean delicious. So yummy in fact that DanO was once a quinoa skeptic… Read more »


a harrowing tale of theft and babywearing

If you’ll please excuse me, I am in a bit of a state of mourning. I have lost a good friend. {OBaby’s first trip to the zoo} A friend who had been there for me, supported me and my son through multiple trips to more than 4 states, including 6 flights has suddenly left us…. Read more »


by all means, let Him work miracles.

***Please know that I acknowledge the validity of multiple aspects of this topic, including the real danger of over-diagnosis and also the miracle of healing without the use of prescription medication. But, I feel that I need to give this perspective voice because someone may need to hear it. I want you to hear this. You, you right there… Read more »