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no but really they’re my friends.

“What are you headed to in New York?” my¬†hair dresser/cousin/neighbor/flight attendant asks. …I really need to come up with some generic answer to this… “A blogging conference.” I say, and then brace myself for the reaction. It usually consists of being looked at like I have 5 heads, not too dissimilar to the time I… Read more »


BlogHer ate my content

No, seriously. For about a week and a half I have been running around like a blogger with my fingers cut off, not having the time, creativity, follow-through, or mental capacity to write or publish much. I blame BlogHer, the conference in New York City from which I just returned. (I was rushing to an… Read more »


be still and know

OBaby used to start the day slowly, in a cuddling mood, groggy and warmed from the inside by breastmilk. We would lay in bed and snuggle the morning away. At some point I would pull out OBaby’s Bible and read a story or two from it. I loved starting our days like this. These days… Read more »


what I learned from O My Garage Sale

Have someone there to keep you company. $50 cash on hand in various denominations and coins is way more than you’ll need to give as change. People will show up 45 minutes early on the first day. A couple weeks before, make a list of the things/areas of your house you want to sort through… Read more »