so about that climbing.



18 Responses to “so about that climbing.”

  1. Lynzie

    Bolt the furniture to the wall. Next he’ll figure out how to make dresser drawers into stairs!!

  2. Elizabeth

    adorable!!! he and joshua would be a MESS together! our living room is so bare b/c i took out everything besides the couch and chairs so that he wouldn’t hurt himself. he rarely gets the chance to climb anything, but he loves it when he does!

  3. Laura

    My son who is 3 was a climber at that age also. As a matter of fact he still climbs on (and jumps off) anything we will let him.

    The bottom picture it’s almost as if he is thinking “Mom how do I get down now?” LOL

    Great pictures!

  4. Cole

    OMG, me too!!! Daddy comes home and wonders why all the books and DVDs are on the floor – it’s because Mommy didn’t have the energy to clean them up for the 27th time that day… Her collection *used to be* alphabetized.

  5. Susan

    Sooo cute!!! And he looks so proud of himself! :) My son used to pull stuff out of the kitchen cabinets and climb in like it was a cave…the toddler-cave!

    Love your profile pic…so sweet.

  6. Molly

    Please tell me that my 9 month old won’t be climbing in a few months…oh my. I’m so not ready for that…


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