twenty four things i love about my twenty four year old husband

  1. Your curly, forgiving hair that makes the shoddy haircuts I give it look good.
  2. Your computer hacking skillz.
  3. The way you play with our son.
  4. Your gentle kisses.
  5. Your strong leadership.
  6. How hard working you are.
  7. Your support of me when I do crazy things like go to New York for blogging conferences.
  8. That you make me coffee (almost) every morning.
  9. Your seemingly boundless energy.
  10. Your desire to know God more.
  11. Your creativity.
  12. You as a daddy and the way you love our son.
  13. Your flexibility and willingness to roll with it.
  14. The numerous pictures and videos you sent me while I was away for 4 days.
  15. The speed with which you offered to jump on a plane to Utah and make CBC happen for me.
  16. Your obsession with Costco.
  17. Your arms.
  18. That you can fix anything. Ever. Blindfolded. With one hand behind your back. (Ok sort of.)
  19. Your faith in the Lord’s timing.
  20. Your friendship with your brother.
  21. Your generosity with your time and resources.
  22. Your eyes.
  23. That you humor me and my big dreams.
  24. That you have big dreams, too.

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Happy birthday, babe.

PS: Dude. You’re getting so old.

24 Responses to “twenty four things i love about my twenty four year old husband”

  1. Johanna

    Happy Birthday DanO! (And you guys are the opposite of old! Just wait till you’re listing what FORTY things you love about him!)

  2. MommyJ

    Happy Birthday! Love your 24 things!

    So, I got married really young, a week before I turned 19, in fact. For many, many years, it seems like I have always been the one that is younger than everyone else. “You’re how old?” people say… It’s fine, really. I’m comfortable in my young shoes. Except… you just want and called your 24 year old husband old. And suddenly I realize my shoes aren’t so young anymore. Cause if he’s old, well then… I’m even older!!

  3. Moriah

    that is so sweet! he sounds exactly like my husband (except switch costco with aldi)! ha ha they should be friends.

  4. Kristina

    So sweet. Sounds like a really supportive guy! (Mine is too. :) ) Isn’t dreaming together just the best? Happy Birthday DanO!

  5. Ann Murray Haag

    I think my two favorite pictures that you have posted appeared today-the one with Dan-O in this post, and your new profile picture. Love them! And Dan-O is SO NOT OLD!

  6. Lynzie

    I knew there was something I liked about him! Glad to share the same birthday (year and ALL!!!!) – you should ask him if he liked turning 13 on Friday the 13th!!!!!

    Happy birthday, DanO!!!!


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