we better start watching our vocabulary

because apparently someone is paying attention to us.

PS: I promise that we do usually put pants on our son, just apparently not on the days when we take video.

17 Responses to “we better start watching our vocabulary”

  1. Mae


    I love it. Piper puts the phone up to her ear now and says “Ho?”

  2. Elizabeth

    so cute! adam’s favorite thing to do with joshua is to ask him all these questions, and he always repeats one word in the sentence adam just said. it’s hilarious! our boys are so smart! :)

  3. cassie c

    Oh, I just love it! And me and my boyfriend laughed out loud when we heard DanO’s Minnesotan Accent…”Oh yea, uh huh, you want to talk to Micah, oh yea here he is…”

    ***boyfriend just moved from MN to California about two years ago and this is his first trip back he really notices the accent!

  4. Yama

    So cute!!

    We gave our 22mo one of our old phones (with the battery removed, of course) …. that girl talks and talks and talks … and even “texts” (!!) on it. But hand her a real phone with, say, Daddy on the other end? She just wants to look at his picture or press the lighted buttons LOL

  5. Jen

    I love your laugh.

    And you wouldn’t believe the amount of pictures I’ve been unable to use on my blog, etc., because my one or more of my children are not wearing pants. Or perhaps underwear either.


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