what I learned from O My Garage Sale

Have someone there to keep you company.

$50 cash on hand in various denominations and coins is way more than you’ll need to give as change.

People will show up 45 minutes early on the first day.

A couple weeks before, make a list of the things/areas of your house you want to sort through for items to sell.


The Dollar Store is your place to buy garage sale signs.

Organize by price and/or type of item.


Books sell well at 50ยข for paperback and $1 for hardback.

Make things cheap. Make them cheaper the last day.


The baby items and (cheaply priced) furniture will sell first.

Keep track of what you sell and what you donate at the end.

Bring the dog(s). They’re good conversation starters.


Be prepared for some spectacular people watching.

Advertise better than I did. (Post it on craigslist.org more than the night before. Put the signs out 3 days before.)

Hang up as many clothing items as you can. They are easier to look through and more likely to sell that way.


You might not make very much money, but you will get rid of a lot (especially if you donate what you don’t sell).

Chill out, relax, and have fun.

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24 Responses to “what I learned from O My Garage Sale”

  1. Shannon

    wait, you didn’t include the last tip: put a super duper cute baby in a chair to attract passer-bys! (is that how you even spell that word? Oh man, I have no idea)

  2. sarah-anne

    haha! that pic of OBaby is too much! how in the world are you going to leave him for Blogher10?! not to rub salt in the wound, but he’s a heartbreaker, that’s for sure.

  3. Catherine

    you have the cutest clothes for obaby! where did you get those pjs? the little sailboats would look adorable on my baby boy!

    • AllisonO

      All of his PJs are from Children’s Place and they are fabulous. We love them, they don’t shrink and their blanket fleece sleepers are a great weight for the winter. :)

  4. Amber

    Glad to hear it went well. I need to have a MAJOR yard sale but I am putting it off until it’s not 100+ degrees at 6 am.

  5. ashley

    wow! 50 cents – $1 for books! i would have bought the whole box! I have a dream library/office that i want for my house so I need to stock up on books! oh and that 25 cent vase would have sooo been mine!

  6. Elle

    My yardsale taught me that people are stupid and annoying. I had a pair of $190 black name brand heels that I’d only worn twice for sale for $1 (I priced everything at $1), and some woman tried to haggle me down to a quarter. I told her she was crazy and that I would just keep the shoes. I don’t haggle.

    • Sara

      LOL- I always haggle. If I can’t haggle it down, then I don’t buy it! I even haggled a clearance bridesmaids dress at the bridal shop. The dress was marked down from 180 to 49 and I got another 20% off!

  7. Alissa

    O my, that baby of yours is the cutest! Well, besides mine! ;-) hahaha…. Sounds like you had a successful sale!

  8. The Mom Venture Blog

    Great tips! I just had a yard sale this weekend too and just got my post up about how ours went! I love the way you hung your clothes using the ladders. Great idea! And Obaby looks so comfortable lounging in that chair. Great sales prop! haha

  9. Elizabeth

    was Micah really tired and/or sick? there’s no way Joshua would ever sit still like that!!

    your garage sale looks really organized! you are motivating me to want to sell stuff that we don’t use!

  10. Katie

    These are great tips! In two weeks we are having a garage sale to benefit my SIL and BIL’s adoption from Ethiopia! I am hoping to make some good money for them!

  11. Andie

    I think you are much more organized that you give yourself credit for in your posts. If I did a garage sale, it would have been a pile of junk on a table not at all organized! Good work!!!

  12. Erin

    Love OBaby chillaxin’ on the chair!
    We’ve never had a garage sale… I have this beautiful dream of the day that we’re done having kids, and we have a huge garage sale and sell every toy and children’s item in this house. Of course, when that day comes, I’ll probably be sad about it.

  13. Mendie

    my heart dropped at those glass cylinders! i have been searching every garage sale we go to around here for those…if only Ohio was a little closer west!


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