you know how… (solo trip to Oregon edition)

You know how when your baby cries and screams hysterically for 6 seemingly eternal minutes as the plane is taking off but then finally falls asleep on your lap and the way your arm is positioned makes it feel like it is going to fall off to the extent that you have thoughts of having to sew it back on because it burns something fierce but you’ll be darned if you move it and risk waking your sleeping baby?

And then how he is an absolute angel for the rest of the flight?


You know how your husband rolled his eyes at the price tag on that Melissa & Doug puzzle with the opening doors and magnetic farm animals you bought to entertain your son on the plane but then it ended up being the best $20 you have ever spent in your life?


You know how when you watch your dear friend that led you to Christ 13 years ago first be seen by her groom on their wedding day, you can’t help but get weepy?


{More insanely gorgeous vineyard wedding pictures to come. Promises.}

You know how when you are the program attendant at a wedding and you kind of have to wear your baby in your silk ring sling because it’s like you own it for such a time as this?

And then when you’re handing out programs the little blondie on your hip smiles and waves at every last guest because he adores people (and they, him)?


You know how that same blondie then totally macs on the bridal party for the entire reception?


{Good taste, no?}

You know how all summer you could kill for a fresh blackberry milkshake from that burger chain that only exists in the pacific northwest and then you get the chance to have one and you just about keel over from contentment?

And you know how that same burger chain is so cutting edge (and unbelievably Oregonian), what with their corn plastic utensils and cups, their local produce and their wind energy? And how you think it’s awesome that they put their nutrition facts on their receipts until you actually look at the grams of fat in that blackberry shake?


{Ahem. For the record, I shared the shake with my dad, so only like 26 of those fat grams were mine.}

You know how you feel like you could survive 3 hours of just about anything when there’s one flight between you and homeĀ and you are thisclose to being done so you find yourself with an insanely good attitude of ‘come what may’ for the plane ride home?

And then how OBaby is an absolute angel on that flight, too?

And how even though you’ve tried like 36,000 times on this trip, you are not physically capable of taking a picture of you holding your sleeping baby on the plane without cropping out one of your eyeballs?


You know how sometimes an empty row (even if it is the very last row of the plane) makes all the difference? And how you could not have been more blessed to have a row to yourself on both flights? And how this trip went so smoothly that you feel incredibly taken care of, by the gate agents who moved you, by your friends, your parents, your God?


Yea, that.

26 Responses to “you know how… (solo trip to Oregon edition)”

  1. The Mom Venture Blog

    Glad you had a wonderful, peaceful time! Beautiful bridal party too…Obaby has great taste! hehe And Oregon is the BEST! ;) Oh, yes, and I’ve seen those puzzles before, and I always think I’d love to get one. Where’d you get yours?

    • AllisonO

      I got mine at Lake Shore Learning. They were having a 20% off sale at the time and I think it goes until Sept. 1!

  2. shelley

    You know how you can’t help but smile for every single word of one of your favorite blogger’s entire post… Yea, that. =)

  3. Cameron

    Hooray! Love all the photos and love that you had such a great trip! I had the exact same experience with the Walla Walla Onion Rings during my July trip, so for my August trip I didn’t even get a milkshake because I didn’t want to know… but WOWSERS! Whoa whoa whoa. Well, luckily it was vacation when calories don’t count! ;)

    • AllisonO

      It took some… ahem… convincing. I does fall asleep in the front carry of the mei tai from time to time, so that was a similar position and I think that’s why it worked.

      • AllisonO

        Aaaaaand by I does, I meant he does. I’m fairly certain I would not be able to sleep if someone were carrying me in a pack.

        • Elizabeth

          joshua used to take all of his naps in my baby k’tan up until he was 5 months old. next time, i want to get something like a mei tai b/c the baby ktan, he only slept lying down, not upright. he loves my ergo, but he won’t sleep in it. :(

  4. mama23bears

    i’m so happy the trip went smoothly for you. i get overwhelmed traveling more than a 1/2 hour from home alone so i have to say you are a very brave mama!

    great pics! looks like it was lots of fun!

  5. Jane

    Soooo fun to see you and Micah. He was such a good boy….and SO adorable. You were a brave soul to take that trip by yourself. We definitely didn’t have enough time to talk. (we didn’t even mention our “Bugs”) Such a beautiful wedding and so special to have all my “other daughters” there :-) XOXOX

  6. Amy

    ok, the picture of your baby with the bridesmaids is TOO cute! and i LOVE burgerville!! they have the BEST shakes :)

    me and my little one are flying down to Salt Lake today, by ourselves… i’m so nervous. glad it went well for you!

  7. jen

    i have yet to try all 3 on a plane by myself. because that would be a bit crazycakes.
    and you should never ever look at the calories in something that makes you that happy. (just be thankful that you can’t get one every.day.)
    and you know what else is amazing money to spend to keep kids occupied on a plane? tape. and/or band-aids.

    • AllisonO

      I brought a $1 book of stickers, too, but this puzzle was the clear day saver. I big pink puffy sparkly heart Melissa & Doug.

  8. Molly

    Ah, so happy your trip was blissful and blessed.

    When we went on our first trip with my Gracie I was anxious for weeks. I just knew that my fussypants/colicky 5 month old (at the time) was gonna cry the entire trip. But ya know what? She was an angel. An absolute angel. Silly me.

    Anyway, glad your trip was great:).

  9. Candice

    Glad you had a great trip. Cant wait to see more of the wedding photos and pics of your lil heart breaker. I have never heard of nutrition facts on a receipt. Crazy….

  10. Yama

    I am so glad that the trip went so smoothly for you! We LOVE Melissa & Doug stuff here. Can be pricey, but worth it for sure. That bridal party pic is SO CUTE.

    And … if the shake was THAT good, I’m not sure I would have shared lol


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