I may have taken some liberties with the term ‘mortally wounded’

WARNING: This post contains pictures of blood. (OMW I have always wanted to say that!) No wound shots or anything grotesque, just some DanO blood on a yucky sock in the background. Frankly, I think the dirty sock is grosser (Is that a word? No?) than the blood, but in the interest of full disclosure, I didn’t want it to be a surprise to anyone. (Also, now that I look, the watermark nicely covers most of the sock in both shots. Well done, Adobe Lightroom. Well done.)

Things were humming right along on demolition day this Saturday. At one point we had 8 people swinging sledgehammers, using crowbars, and hauling stuff into the dumpster. Much progress was made and things were looking good.

Unfortunately, right after lunch DanO stepped on a nail that went through the sole of his shoe, through his sock, through his skin and into his foot.

Uhm, ew.

For the record, DanO was wearing both protective eyewear and a dust mask when he stepped on the nail. What I’m trying to say is that we were being safe. You know, when my husband was injured.

It was quickly clear that this wasn’t going to be a kiss it better and move on boo boo. DanO came down from the second story, took of his shoe, and… well… again with the ew.

We wanted to clean up the wound, but apparently I am an under-prepared mom because we had no hydrogen peroxide to speak of in the house. Nor did we have any rubbing alcohol, and I’ll be darned if I let my Malibu rum be poured over some one’s smelly feet.

So naturally we used mouthwash (which is also high in alcohol content) to clean the hole (and I do mean hole).

What? Don’t look at me like you’ve never spent a Saturday afternoon in the bathroom telling your husband to pour Cool Mint Listerine over the hole in his foot.


DanO: You’re going to blog about this, aren’t you.

Me: Maaaaybe…


Thankfully in the days since, his foot has neither turned black nor fallen off (but it does still smell minty fresh). I tried talking him into getting a tetanus shot like, immediately, since he couldn’t remember when his last booster was, but he insisted on wrapping up the hole and going back to work (he got one the next morning).


18 Responses to “I may have taken some liberties with the term ‘mortally wounded’”

      • brittney

        This story makes me second-guess my “no, we can wait on that” answer to my husband when he asked if we should buy some peroxide or rubbing alcohol when we were at Target last week. Hahaha.

  1. ali @ an ordinary mom

    Ouch! Good quick thinking with the mouthwash! We have had a few uses for alcohol and peroxide around here, just a few… though we have never, yet, had a nail through the foot event. And I’m fine with that.

    Hope he heals up fast!

  2. Cameron

    Oh, good! And by good I mean that when I saw you first tweet this and you said the nail went through his foot, I thought you meant it went THROUGH his foot, which I’ve heard of before (I’m from a family of DIYers and carpenters). I’m glad it was just INTO his foot. That somehow seems a lot less gruesome.

    Also? Blood doesn’t bother me at all, but if you ever feature a photo of a hypodermic needle I not only won’t read that post, I’ll avoid your blog all week. When there’s one on TV I hide my eyes and make Jason tell me when it’s off screen!

  3. Faith

    That is hilarous…what is this about malibu rum though? That is good for wounds too? Always good to know mouthwash is good for something besides just our mouth :)

  4. Cindy @ The Flipping Couple

    I spy a candle in your shower. And for some reason that was really funny to me. It also reminded me it’s time to pull out my fave autumn candle. Because it’s gonna be time to switch to my fave winter candle before I know it. (Boo lame)

    Hope that foot is ready for another weekend of DIY!

  5. Molly

    The perk of college was that our alcohol was so crappy that we could easily pour it on wounds. None of that fancy schmancy stuff that you drink in your house.

  6. Edie Mindell

    MEN!!!! They think they are that brave enough but the truth is, they fear seeking medical attention and getting shots.:-) My husband is the same. He’d rather self-medicate than being brought to the hospital.:-)


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