my little man is definitely a toddler

So could someone please explain to me why size 9 month clothes still hang off of him?

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  1. Jenn

    Oh my gosh those are just the cutest jeans I’ve ever seen! And look at those shoes!! Oh dear. I can’t wait to buy mini clothes! :)

  2. Sarah

    His outfit is just the cutest thing!!! I love it! I can’t wait until fall so my son can wear outfits like this, he will be 1 in October.

  3. Tiffany

    Oh girl, I know. I’ve got an almost 8 year old that weighs roughly 45 pounds. I swear it’s boys. ps – he’s too darn cute in that outfit. I may squeeze him to pieces in October.

  4. Bonnie

    It’s because size 9-month means a kid anywhere from 3 months to 24 months might wear them, depending on the style, brand, and fabric of the clothing and the genetics of the child. (My little girly wore a size 18 month dress in her 9 month pictures. And wore it periodically for a year after that.)

  5. shelley.

    First, OBaby is so completely adorable in that photo that I can barely stand it. =)

    Second, his outfit makes me insanely excited about my favorite season… ah, jeans…and the smell of leaves…and rain…

    Third, my son was like that. He wore 12-18 month clothes for a year and a half. I finally moved him up, just because it was bugging me to still be in that size. At almost five, 2T still fits his waist. Adjustable waist pants were the best thing ever invented!

  6. Dawn S

    I think all their increased movement starting around that 9-month time stretches their clothes out!

    But I’m glad. Otherwise, my son would be changing sizes mid-season, which is not budget-friendly to have to buy 2 wardrobes of sizes for every season!

  7. Sidnie

    toddlerhood is FULL of surprises, isn’t it?

    i have a 3.5 yr old who can still wear 24 month clothes. and an 22 month old who wears some 3T things…. :)

  8. LCW

    My almost 12 month old (yikes birthday next weekend) still fits into 6-9 month sized clothes. If she wasn’t cloth diapered her pants would fall off, in fact when we traveled with disposables they DID fall off!! She’s a peanutty-nut.

  9. Erin

    I think it’s because my daughter has all his extra baby fat. She’s sixteen months and in 2T. She’s off the top of the growth charts. I hope she likes basketball.

  10. Kimberley

    I agree abt the adjustable waist pants, they so rule. My little guy is 2 months older than obaby and still barely fits 12 month pants. Yesterday the doc says he is in the third percentile! I used to be all stressed out about it but now… look at these bous of ours. They are jist perfect the way God made them. And it.saves a bundle on clothes and lets is wear them longer so who.cares!

  11. The Mom Venture Blog

    Haha, what a cutie! Our first was always too skinny for all his clothes, and too long for them at the same time. So when he was like 12 months, the 3-6 month shorts would fit him just fine around the waist, but 12 month pants were too short, so he was in like 18 month clothes, but we had to make sure to find him pants that were nice and skinny! lol

    We didn’t have the adjustable waist pants with him when he was that age, but we do now and they are so nice!

  12. Katie

    I have the opposite problem! Eddie is 14 months and 18 month clothes are starting to look small on him! You have a sweet peanut and I have a super tank!

  13. Ashley

    My 3 year old still wears 24month old jeans depending on the length lol. He has a really small waist and while 3Y jeans are the perfect length, the always hall off his waist. Now I have a 2 month old that first into 6 month old clothing lol!

  14. jen

    my 7 month old wears 18-24 month clothing. and yet?
    his 3 1/2 year old sister occasionally steals clothes from his drawers. in fact today? she was wearing his size 12 month shorts. and just went to bed in his 12-18 month pajamas.
    clearly the sizing of children’s clothing is wonky.

  15. annemarie

    Oh my word. His outfit! So cute! I thought I’d be so excited about little girl clothes, but half the time I dress Lucy like a boy. Also, our kids would balance each other out – Lucy’s younger than Obaby and wears 18 month stuff.

  16. Annie

    He is adorable! I love that photo :)

    I agree with Jen – my 17 month old is wearing 24 month clothing but his 3.5 year old sister can wear his shorts! Skinny little preschooler!

    You really do know how to dress him though :) My little guy is always wearing a plaid shirt and jeans like his daddy LOL

  17. Unplanned Cooking

    What a cutie! Our toddler is now refusing to wear the clothes I try to put on her. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve heard, “Don’t like that.” She’s quite colorful in her dress :).


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