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We love ourselves some Minnesota State Fair in this family. So much so that we brought our 7 week old OBaby last year (and following the post I did about it I was told ‘you’re not supposed to leave the house until babies are 8 weeks’. pffffffft). We go with our buddies The Flipping Couple,… Read more »


there’s always more

I took Old Testament class twice in college. I may have failed it the first time around. How that for a true confession for ya? I FAILED A BIBLE CLASS AND GOD STILL LOVES ME. (This is why I could never pull off that holier than thou persona.) Anyway, to the three of you who… Read more »


Johanna Price Photography giveaway!

Did you feel it? That little ache in your ovaries as your page loaded in the browser today? Please allow me to explain. Yea, that’ll do it. O for Pete’s sake don’t you just want to stick your nose right between those little fingers and that little cheek and go nuzzle nuzzle nuzzle?!? Me too…. Read more »


speaking of what’s for dinner

Our beautiful friends the Botz are following God’s call on their life to adopt a precious little one into their family. Anna Botz was one of our two birth class instructors (and the sister-in-law of our doula, the other instructor) and Lucas, her hubby (is consequently our doula’s brother) is a great guy and a… Read more »