so this weekend we tore out the entire second story of our house.

What did YOU do on Saturday?

(Please don’t tell me you had a picnic and a beautiful day at the park with your family. I will go positively green with envy.)

(OBaby totally wanted to rush upstairs and “help”.)

(Also, here I go with the apologizing again, but this video was rather motion sickness inducing. Sorry.)

(Last thing: DanO may have been mortally wounded* in all the work we did this weekend, I may have taken pictures of it, blood and all, and I may be planning on sharing them tomorrow. No, no. You can thank me later.)

(*Ok, so he’s not going to die, but it was a pretty big boo boo and did involve going to get a tetanus shot.)

(Gosh, I like parentheses these days.)

14 Responses to “so this weekend we tore out the entire second story of our house.”

  1. M. Howell

    just so you know… Spencer was totally devastated that he didn’t actually get to *see* any of the house being torn out. plus, we miss you. hang out some time? (even if it means hauling a toilet out and *not* stepping on any nails)

  2. Lynzie

    If you must know we emptied our office, painted, and rebuilt the office. Mostly. Decorations for the walls aren’t up yet (nor are the cd racks or the shelf for my desk area. Or the cornice that I have yet to actually make. That’ll be next weekend). Good luck with your renovations!!!!

  3. Leah O

    you know the olfelt clan… can’t stop creating projects to do ;)

    I can’t believe you guys have started! Can’t wait to see it!

  4. Katherine

    First off…look at you all cute on a Saturday morning demo day…

    My Saturday was spent at a good friend’s sons 1st bday party. Don’t get jealous. I was upstairs most of the time with a little 2 year old monster in time out. Not as awesome as it sounds.

  5. Suzanne

    I adore how concerned OBaby looks at the noise. Baby Evan feels the same way about loud trucks.

    And I spent my Saturday…well, you know. I totally recognize that hat.

  6. KTG

    hi,new to your blog.I love before and after photos.I’m meaning to get some up of my house.Happy renovating!

  7. Sarah

    Are you still living in your house full-time while all this is being done? I’m trying to remember from your Twitter home tour video if your bedrooms are upstairs or on the first floor. Good house renovations to you! :)


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