October 2010 Archives


O My Hershey

Guys. I saw this with mine own eyes. It’s real. It exists. An entire Reeses aisle, and no it was not revealed to me in a near-death experience (although I am fairly confident that it bears a striking resemblance to heaven). More on that to come, but for now, O My Family says “Hi!” from… Read more »


encouragement brought to you by Life Verse Design

Hey friends! I just wanted to share some beautiful and inspiring art with you this morning. Aren’t they lovely? This is a taste of Life Verse Design‘s prints which would make wonderful gifts for friends and family (and for yourself). I’m excited to tell you that now through the end of October, Life Verse Design… Read more »


pennsylvania via prop plane

I took the smallest plane I have ever, ever, eeeehvuuuuur been on from Philadelpia to Harrisburg today. Have you ever been on a plane this small? So small that it needs propellers to stay¬†airborne? So small that when the pilot sneezes the whole thing shakes? How about on a plane that small, shaky, and nauseating… Read more »


I’ve been, how do you say? Busy.

Holy remodeling project meets 11 weeks pregnant meets having a 15 month old meets keeping up on house work meets planning and packing for a trip to Pennsylvania tomorrow. This month? This whole October thing? I raise my white flag to you. You win. I cannot do it all, or even most of it at… Read more »