concerned? don’t be.


OBaby: as good a construction cheerleader as there ever was (with the exception perhaps of the needing to be sequestered thing).

Yes, he was safe. Yes he was far from the action. No he could not reach anything dangerous (or anything at all). No, he was not breathing in anything dangerous. Yes, we were smart about it.

There, you can stop worrying about our parenting decisions now. You’re welcome.

26 Responses to “concerned? don’t be.”

  1. Erika

    gah! people are ridiculous!! i mean seriously, allison, how did you ever keep him alive to age 1?! /sarcasm

    boo! i love you. that is all.

  2. Alissa

    Well of course he was safe…DUH! ;-) I certainly hope no one was stupid enough to think you’d put your child in harm’s way!

  3. Sidnie

    I can’t believe you would put OBaby in an exersaucer so he could play safely under your supervision. Don’t you know he should have been left free to roam the downstairs, unsupervised?

    I’m waiting for the pictures of him holding a hammer. Like really- I wanna see it. Stage it for me! :) There’s nothing cuter than a little boy helping his daddy build their house. :)

  4. Lynzie

    I really hate it when people criticize so quickly. It really makes absolutely no sense. All we see are what, 5 pictures? That honestly does not show everything. There is no possible way anyone could get enough of the story to really honestly know enough to be compelled to tell a (most likely) stranger how to parent (or have a happy marriage, but that’s another tangent).

    That being said, there was absolutely nothing in those pictures that made me concerned. In fact, I remember saying “ooh. Exercise saucer. What a GREAT IDEA to keep the baby out of harm but in sight!”

    PS his face is precious.

  5. Bonnie

    I had no doubt he was safe……and kudos on giving him the opportunity to witness the excitement of destruction and construction! I bet he loved that!

    • AllisonO

      It was just an email, wondering how we “justified” having him up there. Nothing too accusatory, but I figured if one person wondered/worried enough to shoot me an email, someone else out there was thinking it, too. Ah, the interwebs.

  6. Suzanne

    You should take it as a compliment that people care so much about your kid. Mine runs through Home Depot barefoot or I post pictures of him playing with pill bottles and the only comments I get are “hahaha! so cute!!”

  7. kim

    oh, well. THAT’S a relief. I would have had mine using the sledge hammer and saw. Just sayin’ . . .

  8. Molly

    Oh my, I wish I thought you were kidding, but reading the comments, I see you are not. Aye aye aye.

    And no, your photo at the top looks fine to me.

  9. Rebecca

    Wow. None of those questions even crossed my mind. Am I going to be a careless parent someday?

  10. Hannah

    oh, I would totally have my kiddo in on all the action too! I mean, as long as he’s not eating the nails, he’s fine!

  11. Kellyn

    I’ve had my kids in much worse…Hunter is tree climber that likes to cut down branches himself. Started when he was 9 or so. People always thought we were crazy.

  12. martha brady

    i’m not sure how the children we raised (born in the 70’s) survived w/o all the safety features (req. safety belts, req. car seats, etc. and i REALLY don’t know how we survived (born in the 40’s running free in our neighborhoods with no headgear when we rode our bikes. it is totally amazing:)


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