Fleece footie PJs, criss-cross with a book on his lap


I love this age.

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  1. Steph

    Would you say you enjoy this age more than the younger baby age? I ask because everyone keeps telling me to enjoy my son’s baby stage….it goes by quickly. But I keep finding myself longing for when he’s just a little bit older. (He’s about 6 months right now). Maybe the fact that he’s been a difficult baby is a factor, but I honestly don’t find myself enjoying these first few months. Was it at all that way for you?

  2. EvC

    So cute!

    My son is about his age and I made a HUGE sleep-deprivation-driven mistake by giving him a pop-up book to play with yesterday morning while I enjoyed my coffee. I had an “Oh how sweet he’s enjoying his book” moment while I went in the kitchen to get a refill.

    What I came back to can only be described as him thinking “pop-up” meant “pull pages out and destroy.”

    But he was so proud of himself, in his fleece footie pj’s and cute bedhead!

  3. Candice

    LOVE the PIC!! The jammies just make me smile. I love Fall/Winter. If they made footie jammies in my size, Oh I would rock them!

  4. Tiffany @ MomNom

    Isn’t this the BEST age EVER? I race home everyday and cannot wait to kiss her face. Just wait, I promise I’ll be posting one year photos this week – you MUST show OBaby this new pic – he will be so proud of his future wife’s hot looks.


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