Looks like May 11th” she said, as she rotated her monitor so that we could see.

And there on the screen were those little nubbin arms and legs, already formed. Already being knit together for the last several weeks, unbeknownst to me.

You are just over 7 weeks.

There was a flutter right in the middle of those nubins, moving quick and strong. A heart near my heart.

As the technician zoomed out, there was a moment when it clearly looked like there was a precious, adorable little gummy-bear on the screen.

So that’s what we call him/her.


(I’m 9 weeks today.)

157 Responses to “gummybear”

  1. Erin

    Congratulations!!! We’re on the road to two under two with a due date of May 27th. It’ll be a wild and wonderful ride.

  2. Lauren N.

    Hey OMama x2…. i’m a secret follower, wanted to say super congrats on not just the actual baby, but also your courage in having another one at all. I have a friend who is still struggling with PPD, her baby’s 18 months, and she’s convinced she could NEVER do it again. I would love to see a post regarding your experience in deciding to do this. I know it could be encouraging to a lot of people.

    congrats again on your little bear. :)


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