and forward marches time

Well, we’re home from Pennsylvania, and as if it should come as a shock to anyone, we hit the ground running with house projects, house cleaning, and that one holiday where we give away free candy to anyone who comes to our door.

(Can we take a moment to talk about the high schoolers who show up with a pillow case but no costume? Honestly? Is that just my neighborhood? I gave a couple of them a hard time last night, asking them what they were supposed to be, and I got some sob story about how they lost their mustaches and they used to be Mario and Luigi – in jeans and sweatshirts. I gave them candy anyway because I’m a push over slash I would have had to eat it if they didn’t.)

I will, will, will tell you about the wonderful parts of PA that we visited over the last two weeks, but first I need to show you pictures of my munchkin last night because no one will want to hear one more thing about Halloween a week from now (myself included because, hello? It’s November 1 and I have already moved on to Christmas music. True story.)

OBaby was a dragon. We figured “Trick-or-treat!” would be too much to tackle this year, so over the last few weeks we’ve been working on “What does a dragon say?”


It is painfully cute. Painfully.


The cheeks. The squeals of excitement. The poofy costume. The Raaaawr.

It was the best Halloween ever.


(Is it time to go yet, Mama?)


OBaby liked helping people pick the candy out of the bowl. We said “Take 2!” to every trick-or-treater that came our way, but OBaby often snuck a 3rd or 4th piece into kids’ bags. It’s so much fun to share.


This is the one mid-trick-or-treating shot I have because it got dark so fast and my camera would not cooperate.

I think it’s ok, though, that I only have this one picture, because going house to house (all 6 of them that we did) was not the highlight for OBaby. Not by any means.


He much preferred the giving than the receiving, in fact he tried to hand the candy back to the people at the doors after they gave it to him. I think Halloween is one big sharing party in his mind (and ain’t that how it should be?).

OBaby waited patiently between kids coming to our door, then squealed and shrieked with joy when he saw a group coming up our walk way.

He had little to no understanding of the cause of all of these new friends coming to visit him, but he loved every minute of it.


“Raaaaaawr” means, roughly translated,

“Here, please. Take our candy. I want you to have it.”

(Obaby’s first trick-or-treating. Where in creation has time gone?)

20 Responses to “and forward marches time”

  1. Suzanne

    One year I refused to give candy to teenagers without costumes. Except for the kid in khakis and a button down shirt who said “I’m my dad. Life’s not fair!” He got a whole handful.

    OBaby as a dragon is the cutest little Halloween monster ever! Glad you guys are back!

  2. Toni


    I gave candy to a parent, in no costume with a bag. He didnt even tell me he was collecting candy for his sick kid or anything. pathetic!

    I agree – the teenagers without costumes are ridiculous! at least I used to wear my soccer uniform and say I was a soccer player :)

    • Christine

      We got a teenager in his football uniform! It happened that his mascot is the same as our local NFL team, and they use the same colors…so I was like “Go team!” but then he burst my bubble and said it was just the uniform he wore for his school team.

  3. kk @ the mom diggity

    what?? no video of the raaaaawr?? bummer!! OBaby looked O-so-cute though, such a rough and tough little dragon!

    And how wonderful that he would rather give than receive :) A lesson we can all learn from!

  4. Jess

    Way cute! I bet he got lots of “awwwwws” from the parents. Cutest little dragon ever.
    We had some highschoolers this year, but luckily, they were all in costume.

  5. Cole

    OMG. OBaby is the cutest dragon. EVER.

    Please, please link up to my Halloween Parade because to keep those chubby dragon cheeks from the world? Just not right.

  6. Elaine

    Such a cute dragon is he! I love that he was trying to give the candy back. We should have done some of that around here. ;)

  7. harmskills

    my son was a dragon too… although his carters costume, he kept getting confused for a dinosaur. oh well. BUT he did actually give back candy at one house. it was very sweet

  8. Criston of My Hand in His

    Allison, your neighborhood is not the only one with those issues! In my town, many of the kids came without costumes – all I ask is for a costume, not for a creative one even! But really, coming as yourself with pink hair is not as fun as in a costume! And here in my town, most of the kids don’t even know how to say “Trick or Treat”! They just stand there at the door awkwardly looking at the candy, waiting for me to give it them with no effort on their part except the walking to the door (need I even mention that they walked between my neighbour’s house and my house without USING THE SIDEWALK! They just plowed right across the lawn! That was a no-no when I was growing up!). Anyway, I made them all say the words, and at least they did say thank-you (even if they didn’t all appreciate the candy I gave them – I wanted to be sure I had enough for everyone, so I couldn’t give them each a huge handful like they wanted…). Halloween is just not what it used to be, anymore…
    I should just write my own blog post on this I guess! I am obviously more passionate about Halloween than I thought!
    I want to say that OBaby is sooooo cute in his costume! The cutest little dragon I ever did see! I wish I could have been a fly on the wall when he was saying ‘Rawwr!”, but I thank you for the pictures – they are awesome!
    God bless you three (plus one!).


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