Gifts for Life: Earth Mama Angel Baby

This holiday season, I want to give. I mean really actually truly give. Gifts that mean something. Gifts that honor someone. Gifts that make a difference. Join me?

Earth Mama Angel Baby is a household name around O My House (we call them EMAB for short). I have used their Happy Mama aroma therapy spray for de-stressing, relaxing before bed, and even to fight nausea. I was a religious drinker of their organic Milk Maid Tea when OBaby was nursing. I also use their Angel Baby Lotion on OBaby during the winter.

I love that EMAB’s motto is that they create “safe, organic products that work. Naturally.” I have had such a great experience with their products’ effectiveness, and I love not having to worry about what is going in and on my my body (and therefore my babies’).

In the true nature of Gifts for Life, EMAB is a company that goes above and beyond just selling good products. They have used their company and its online presence to reach out to a very special group of mamas. In times of grief, EMAB works to help provide real physical support, resource information and emotional and spiritual comfort to women who have experienced theĀ loss of a baby. They created theĀ Healing Hearts Baby Loss Comfort web site to specifically address these heartbreaking needs. They also have products made especially to comfort and meet the physical and emotional needs of a mother experiencing loss.

That, to me, is a company making a powerful and very real difference.

You can follow EMAB’s blog here and their tweets here.

Is someone on your gift list pregnant? I am thrilled to announce that O My Family is giving away an Earth Mama Angel Baby Morning Sickness Bundle (above) as a way to help you give with a purpose!

Leaving a comment on this post is all you have to do to enter!

Because our goal with this Gifts for Life gift guide is to support the wonderful cause of Bead for Life, we have made it possible for you to increase your entries (and odds of winning!) by doing a couple of things:

1) Buy jewelry at the Bead for Life store and earn ONE ADDITIONAL COMMENT for every $10 spent (or donated) on ONE GIVEAWAY (not one additional entry on each giveaway or more than one).

2) Registering to host a Bead for Life Bead Party earns you FIVE (5) ADDITIONAL COMMENT entries in Gifts for Life giveaways.

Have a question about extra entries? Check out the full details here.

This giveaway is open to US and Canadian residents only, and closes at 10:00pm CST Sunday December 5th. The winner will be announced the following day.

Good luck!


Disclosure: Earth Mama Angel Baby has provided the spoils of this giveaway today. While EMAB is paying the monetary costs of this giveaway, money cannot buy my opinions. Those are priceless.


This giveaway is part of the Gifts for Life holiday gift guide, a celebration co-hosted by Heather of The Exrtaordinary Ordinary and Allison of O My Family. You can see all of the wonderful Gifts for Life giveaways hosted by Heather here and by Allison here.

O, and don’t forget to come back throughout the day and throughout the week for more Gifts for Life giveaways. There’s O so much more celebrating yet to come!


45 Responses to “Gifts for Life: Earth Mama Angel Baby”

  1. Cassie

    I’d love to give this gift to a good friend who is pregnant! Thanks!

    cassie dot jentner at gmail dot com

  2. Vanessa

    What a beautiful company. I’ve seen them before and always wanted to try out their products! I know a whole heap of pregnant ladies right now (what is IN this drinking water?) that I’m sure would benefit hugely from this!

  3. Michelle

    Oooh this stuff sounds amazing! My sister-in-law is expecting and this would be a great gift!
    Your blog is fantastic btw, I’m so glad I found it!

  4. Vee

    I keep hearing about this company (I am kind of addicted to organic body care products) so I would love to try their products now that I am pregnant!

  5. Emily

    I love the fact that the company gives back to those who are in need – in their area of expertise. Thanks for highlighting them! I know a few ladies who will be adding additions to our family, and I’m sure they’d love this product!

  6. Jessica

    WOW…what an amazing company! I can’t wait to try some of their products! Love the blog…as usual!

  7. Kirsten

    It’s so great to find small companies doing things that really make a difference. I would love to give this product to a friend.

  8. annemarie

    At least half my friends are pregnant. I’d have to figure out who to give it to! (Or I could just hoard it for the future. You know.)

  9. Kristy

    Oh boy..i love baby stuff!! Now I just need to find a pregnant friend..well..or get pregnant..:-)

  10. Cheryl

    I have wanted to try their products and not that I am pregnant I really watch what I am using.

  11. Chrysanthemama

    I wish I would have known about these products when I was expecting! Our baby days are over, so I would gift this to my sister, or sister-in-law. Thank you for offering this giveaway!

  12. Lisa

    Oh wow! One of my best friends is pregnant and I would love to give her this gift!
    Then I’ll see how she likes them and buy some for me when I hopefully get pregnant within the next year.

  13. Danae

    I stumbled upon the Healing Hearts Baby Loss Comfort site in October & found the Grief Resources page really, really helpful. These pregnancy products look great, too!

  14. rachel

    after having 2 miscarriages (followed by 2 wonderful boys) its so nice to see a company that is trying to help with that grieving process. thanks for introducing me to them! i just found you (from that other blog:) ) and i already love you! :) you are so refreshing and relatable. thanks for being a highlight of my day

  15. Ashley

    I’m a new reader to your blog and love it!! I would make good use out of these products if I were to win them. :)

  16. kelly v

    This is new to me but I know someone on my gift list who would LOVE it!

  17. Kim

    I’m planning on getting pregnant in the next few months, does that count? I would love it :)

  18. Ann

    I always have friends who are pregnant! Now they’re just waiting for me to get there! :)
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  19. Stephanie Hanes

    That Happy Momma Spray is incredible! I was so sad when I spilled mine on our vacation. I’m not pregnant at the moment, but I’d share the tea with a friend or save it for when I need it again. ;)

  20. Heather

    I love the Happy Mama Spray & I have a sweet preggo friend I’d love to spoil with this if I won!

  21. MamaBear

    Even if I don’t when a thing this week you and Heather have introduced me to so many great products! Thanks :)