it was just a typical Wednesday

Wednesday September 8th.

A friend and her son had been over for a toddler play date filled with the sounds of excited shrieks, little toddling foot steps, and lots and lots of “We don’t play with that”. (O, toddlerhood. I can barely remember back to when parenting involved being able to sit down.)

Over the last few weeks I had been confused by my body. I felt like I was. I mean, I had to be, right? But there was that test that I took in the Target in Portland right after getting off the plane for my friend’s wedding. It told me I wasn’t. At least, I thought that’s what it told me? (I didn’t really have time to look closely.) Have you ever taken a pregnancy test in a Target family bathroom with your toddler in tow?

It was one of my finer moments, let me tell you.

(But I HAD to know if I could have wine at the wedding.)

So I wasn’t and that was that.

I was sipping chicken noodle soup with my friend, the boys were chewing away at their respective peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, when she turned and told me. SHE was. I was positively ecstatic for her. She is a wonderful mother and her boy will make such an adorable older brother. Not to mention, our boys are mere weeks apart, and Lord willing our next babies would be close in age, too. This was impossibly good news.

I didn’t come down off of my excited cloud for quite a while. And when I did, well, there it was stirring in me again.

Maybe I was, too.

I mean, it had been almost 2 weeks since Portland. And no signs of anything that comes around approximately every 30 days. But, there was that day, in the back of my mind. That impossibly hard day that I somehow floated through, smiling. It probably would be a while before my body would even be back to normal.

My friend and her boy went home and I laid a very tired OBaby down for his afternoon nap.

As I walked out of his room and down the hallway I thought about the multipack of tests I bought. They were just sitting in the linen closet waiting to be peed on. Practically calling my name.

But it’s 2:00 in the afternoon and everyone knows the morning is the best time to take one. What if I am but I take it right now and it says I’m not because it’s 2:00 in the afternoon?

Then I could take another tomorrow morning. I told myself. There are three, after all.

I totally had a point. I took that pink box, waltzed into the bathroom, and gave it a go (which is a glaring euphemism for ‘I held a pregnancy test while I peed on it’). Usually I can’t look as the results come across the screen. I have to distract myself and look away for a while, brush my hair, file my nails… something. But this time it was so low pressure. I probably wasn’t and even if I was, it was 2:00 in the afternoon. I watched as the screen began to display a pink line.

A really dark pink line.

A few seconds later, the 2nd line appeared.

I filled with joy.

I laughed.

At 2:00 in the afternoon.

On a Wednesday.


(May this day live on in infamy as the first time I showed the interwebs a picture of something on which I had peed. You are so welcome.)

31 Responses to “it was just a typical Wednesday”

  1. Sidnie

    I kept my first positive pregnancy test. It even moved to Germany with us. :) And I’m pretty sure it’s still somewhere downstairs stashed in a box somewhere.

    Those 2 pink lines make me SMILE. :)
    I love that you remember the little details of it all. I remember the details of my tests too.

  2. Kimberly

    Isn’t it funny how we think “Hmmm…I may be drinking this coming weekend. I should check to see if I am pregnant”…Cause that totally happened with me too.

  3. Jess

    CONGRATULATIONS! :) that’s amazing. And how neat that you and your friend will have two babes close in age. :)

  4. Tiffany @ MomNom

    Oh, it’s such an amazing feeling. I am so happy for you dear. I found out at about Noon with Bubbette – and Bubs was around dinner. LOL. It’s always a good time to pee on a stick.

  5. Kiranda from The Mommyhood

    Great Story!! My recent positive test happened in the basement of my college in between classes. I, like you, just felt off. [Plus I had a massive roll over my jeans that wasn’t there a week and a half before]. When it flashed PREGNANT, I took off looked down FOR SURE my eyes had deceived me. I picked it up, set it down, peered closer, grabbed my head, said OMGAH, then paced the entire basement and ran around the building saying OMGAH OMGAH OMGAH…lol. then I called my sister. lol Yah for babies!

  6. Alison

    I love this post! And I love the joy that comes with seeing those little pink lines :) It’s like nothing else.

  7. katie

    this is the most happy post I have read in forever…ah the feeling that 2 pink lines can give a gal. never before was peeing on something so exciting!

  8. Bonnie

    Love this post. Congrats again! Makes me want to have another one, sort of. If the two I had last were sleeping through the night, maybe I would…..

  9. Sarah

    Love this! The whole thing made me smile, but especially ‘I filled with joy’ and ‘I laughed’ because they immediately reminded me of Sarah in the Bible! O, and may I ask for a belly picture, pretty please?! :)

  10. kk @ the mom diggity

    I took a test frantically in a target…while holding my 5mo. That was scary. Little did i know my period would not be as regular as before. That was fun (and negative).

    Fun story :)

  11. Brandy

    We weren’t entirely sure I was the first go around … but we took a test anyway. At 4pm. It was positive. We took another. Positive again. She was our first, so we were OVER-THE-MOON excited, but I never cried, and called everyone IMMEDIATELY!

    With our 2nd, I knew that I knew that I was. When I was a month along. Took a pg test. Again, close to 4pm (cuz obviously that’s just hte time to take a test to me LOL). Positive. We had been trying for 3 years. I was so used to the heartaches of thinking I was, but finding out I wasn’t …. I almost didn’t believe the results. And you bet I cried like a baby while I took that test out to the living room to show my husband and our 4yr old that we were going to have another baby!!

    Now our youngest is 2. And we’re trying again. Have already had some heartaches where we thought FOR SURE I was again, but I, obviously, wasn’t. Maybe soon I’ll get to have an awesome announcement of my own lol

    Oh, and pg test w/our 2nd? Totally posted it online too LOL

  12. Beana

    I love that you can see condensation under the cap :)
    I took my last pregnancy test at 6pm in the evening, while my 2 kids were in the bathtub!! There was a partition between the tub and the toilet, so they could see my head, but not the toilet. I was NOT expecting it to be positive, but when it was at 6pm, I knew there was no doubt! Now my little surprise is almost 2 years old. *tear*

  13. Ashley

    Seriously no joke! just as i scrolled down and saw your pregnancy test the First Response commerical came on the T.V. lol! So happy for you! i had and slight feeling you were pregnant from a previous blog, i cant remember the name, but i wam so excited to hear what you will be having!

  14. mrs shortcake

    Congratulations! After two losses, when I finally got pregnant for keeps, I kept all of the pee sticks I used as some sort of superstitious way to ward off any bad luck. The baby’s sleeping next to me, and I STILL have those sticks put away somewhere! :)


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