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o my family’s christmas card (a giveaway!)

Apparently it’s Tuesday? All I know is that DanO and I went on a date night last night (by the by, the new Harry Potter movie is scary and dark. Darker than my liking, but someone read all the books and now he has to see all the movies. So.) and today is his last… Read more »


toddlerhood (n): intense unpredictability

Toddlerhood in our house is, among other things, intense. The joy, excitement, and laughter abound. The things he finds funny are¬†actually funny – like playing chase, rolling around on the ground, or waving DanO’s gloves or oven mitts around on his hands. When we’re happy, we’re really really happy. He is so quick to share… Read more »


today I have

Today, I have used words I regret. yelled words I regret. been less than gentle. lost my temper. been impatient. wished I were elsewhere. been less than understanding. given rough touches. cried. been ungrateful. served myself first. shown apathy. seen my blessings as burdens. been discontent. felt bitter. failed. ~~~~~~ a Father who forgives me,… Read more »