November 2010 Archives


the only “bump” I will be talking about today

That? Is my bump at 15 weeks. This? Was my bump last time at 22 weeks. GAH! SEE?!?! I told you I look embarrassingly pregnant! (I should also apologize for the impossibly messy front hallway behind me in the current picture. It’s winter here in Minnesota, which means we have coats and boots up to our blue Swedish eyeballs…… Read more »


it was just a typical Wednesday

Wednesday September 8th. A friend and her son had been over for a toddler play date filled with the sounds of excited shrieks, little toddling foot steps, and lots and lots of “We don’t play with that”. (O, toddlerhood. I can barely remember back to when parenting involved being able to sit down.) Over the… Read more »


videos: the lazy blogger’s medium

Did I say  lazy? I meant pregnant. It’s hard to be qualified as lazy when you are, at any moment, participating in the creation of a human being, right? Right. (Now please go convince DanO of that.) For now, I’ll give you a little impromptu tour of our upstairs as it stood a few weeks ago. (Can… Read more »