the aftermath of celebrating.

Right now is actually Gifts for Life time on O My Family (and on The Extraordinary Ordinary), but I had to press pause for a moment and share this with you.

We only had one guest stay with us for the holiday week, but we fed several other mouths over the course of the celebrating. It was wonderful and busy and full of love and family who are really friends and friends who are really family (you know the kind).

And then when it was all over, all we had to show for it was the love in our hearts… and this:



Although I think it is mostly unrelated to the holidays, I’d still like you to note the perfect imprint of a toddler hand on my stainless steel dishwasher.


I hope you either feel better about your own “messy” house now OR you recognize that sinks overflowing with dirty dishes are the stuff of which life is made.

Happy Monday!

17 Responses to “the aftermath of celebrating.”

  1. Kim

    Don’t clean that dishwasher :) I STILL have my oldest’s handprints on a dresser mirror from when she was about a year old. She is now 7 1/2. Gross? Perhaps. Beyond cute? Without a doubt!! And everytime I walk by them I am reminded of how small and sweet she was. It’s pretty awesome.

  2. Lynzie

    Yeah, we are now out of silverware at our house. We’ve done so much cooking and then so much traveling that we haven’t had time to even think of dishes. I had to eat my egg whites with a serving spoon this morning.

  3. Katherine

    Hahaha! I love this. I JUST finished the dishes from our Thanksgiving feast yesterday. And you better believe they are still sitting on the counter…you know…drying.

  4. Moriah

    at least you stacked your dirty plates! we couldn’t get to the coffee machine this morning, because of our piles. i had to make coffee on the dining room table! haha

  5. Grace @ Arms Wide Open

    although i hate dishes, i love this. i love when the house is vibrating with the love and laughter and conversations of family and friends. i love walking around and picking things up after everyone is gone and it’s quiet. there is something very fulfilling in that. you captured it.


  6. Brandy

    Eh, it’s not going anywhere, right? Right.

    My kitchen looks just like that right now. But it’s because we’re supposed to limit our water usage while our landlords fix a nasty septic system problem. I won’t even tell you what my tub looks like while that crap came up to the RIM of my tub. I’m HOPING they get it done today … cuz we’re on day FOUR of this disaster … but I’m not holding my breath cuz it’s 1:30 and still no one’s been outside to work on it. {sigh}

  7. Valerie

    I love this! The hand prints are so priceless!

    When I was a child, my mom left handprints of my niece on our glass storm-door. It stayed in a lower corner til the day she sold the house and had to move (tear). A mover cleaned it up for her. :/ Anyway, it was enjoyed for years and even I knew then it was something to cherish.

    Now I’m in a home with handprints of my own lil bits. True love.

  8. Kristy

    Oh if you could only see my kitchen sink. It’s full to the brim! And I won’t get to all of the dishes until next weekend because we will be gone all week. Oops. Oh well. Such is life!

  9. Amy

    I love that you thought to take a picture of what makes most of us crazy! Kind of like, piles of laundry help you realize that you are blessed to have people in your house and clothes to wear!
    So, I bought some goods from Bead for Life so this is comment #1…do I submit another for more chances for the fun giveaway?

  10. Elaine

    I baked and cooked at my MIL and she cleaned up. I HIGHLY recommend it. But yes, I dirty sink FULL of dishes is actually a wonderful thing! :-) Glad you all had a good holiday!


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